Name the Next Android Version – No Penalty for a Wrong Guess!

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It’s amazing! The word ‘Android’ was just a buzz word some years back but now an integral part of this digital era. A lil’ Green Robot has markedly grown down- the-line of five years serving the humankind for all good reasons. Capturing the highest share of smartphones’ and devices’ market, Android is known for its user friendly applications.

It is interesting to know about Android Version history. The Operating System of Android begun in November 2007 with the release of Android Beta. Nevertheless, the first commercial version hit the market with name Android 1.0 in September 2008. Since then, the Open Handset Alliance and Google has continually updated their base OS fixing up the bugs whatsoever and adding newer features for superior performance.

Do you know this surprising fact?

April 2009 onward, the Android versions have been developed under a codename derived from a sweet treat or dessert. Furthermore, they have been in alphabetical order since then. It’s amazing to learn the names of Android versions as they come alphabetically. Let’s check them all…

Ice Cream Sandwich
Jelly Bean (latest)

The guess for next Android version

The latest release was on July 9, 2012 with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 version that contained some good features like Vsync timing, Triple buffering, Expanded notification, Bi-directional text support, Offline voice dictation and many more.

Android typically comes up with its latest version and surprising name for it. There are two things that experts are pretty sure about…

  1. New name, as always would come from dessert or some sweet treat
  2. It’ll be beginning with letter ‘K’

Some think out of the box and anticipate that it might come from some dish and not restricted to the sweet dish in particular. This said it could be anything tasty and edible. Others think that it may be named with misspelling or funky spelling putting ‘K’ in the beginning. Also, there are few who don’t believe this trend arguing the name ‘Honeycomb’ (and not Honey), which is odd thing out among other sweets.

The guess is going on! Groups of experts in Android apps development give their thumbs up for something related to ‘Candy’ as future Android version. While few deny having letter ‘C’ in the beginning, others feel Google may opt for ‘Kandy’ keeping their trend!

What’s your guess?

Though reliable sources tell that the Giant has already chosen the codename ‘Key Lime Pie’ following Jelly Bean, the wave of guessing among Android fans have not yet stopped. Personally, I think below mentioned are some good guess… what’s your pick…?

Android Kibble Candy
Android Kahlua
Android Kaffir bread
Android Kulfi
Android Kofta
Android Kebab or Kabob
Android Kale


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