Nokia Introduces Cloud Service to Automobiles

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Nokia Introduces Cloud Service to Automobiles
Nokia's providing cloud services to automobiles

Nokia’s providing cloud services to automobiles

The Finnish mobile company has continued to work to try and regain their lost dominance they once had in the smartphone business, with Apple and Android handset makers dominating the mobile market. Nokia has slowly been building out a business based around its navigation and mapping division, branded as Here Auto. This strategy includes deals with the likes of Volkswagen, Garmin, BMW and Toyota for it’s in car navigation system.

This smart technology offered by Nokia knows which map is the most suitable for which moment, giving it a zoomed in look when driving in the city, a bird’s-eye view while traveling on the highway, and parking availability and street images before approaching the destination. The system can even work offline, keeping the driver informed of their locality while travelling in areas with insufficient mobile network coverage.

Those who have the Here Auto software in their in car navigation system can take advantage of 2D, 3D or street-level Maps  and voice navigation systems, all without the need for a data connection. But the drivers can get real time traffic and weather updates, with Web access. The new “Halo” engine provided by the company also gave it a traffic boost. HERE Traffic collects more data in order to deliver real-time weather, traffic, and other news to drivers on the go, every month.

The Here Auto Cloud lives beyond Nokia’s Here Auto platform. The offering includes the in car navigation and works in 95 countries around the globe. Nokia also said that it is planning to launch a software development kit which would enable developers create apps that could be integrated with Nokia’s services. Nokia have yet to announce the availability or the pricing on its cloud integration, but more details are to be announced next month at a Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

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