Project Fi from Google-The Next Big Thing

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Project Fi from Google-The Next Big Thing

Project Fi is nothing but the wireless service from the search engine giant, Google. Though, at present, it works on an invite-only model, people are highly excited about it. In the blog, we shall get all necessary information about this ambitious project.

This project works on ‘Wi-Fi First’ concept. It offers users to connect to a Wi-Fi network for making calls and accessing data. It is designed to give the better option to the users from available services in the given area. With this, Google has opened up a new way to use smartphones.

How It Works

Project Fi makes Google a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and users can get wireless services from it.

Google has made a partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile, which means that Google can take the support of both GSM and CDMA networks for having an LTE network. Project-Fi will actively try to find a Wi-Fi network first and offer its services over that connection. If there is no Wi-Fi connection, then the service will default to an available LTE signal.

Google has claimed that the transition between LTE and Wi-Fi will be seamless and subtle enough that users cannot distinguish between them. In addition, users will get uninterrupted and full wireless access for their data in the form of text, voice, etc.

Access through Any Device

Project Fi attaches the given phone number to the existing Gmail account that enables users to receive and make both calls and texts from almost anywhere irrespective of devices.

The Biggest Limitation

Project Fi is not the panacea for connection unavailability. The biggest limitation of it is device compatibility. Today, only Nexus 6 supports it. Of course, Google is working hard to include other devices as well, but, for now, the service is in primary stage struggling with device compatibility.

Benefits of Project Fi

  • Contract: Users need not do any contract with Google, and, therefore, they need not pay any termination fees in case of discontinuing the service
  • Payment: Google is charging just $20/month for basic plan that includes unlimited domestic talk, text, low-cost international calls, and also Wi-Fi tethering
  • 24/7 Support : Users will get prompt support from Google’s engineers on 24/7 basis
  • International support: Google has done contract with more than 120 countries across the world for this ambitious project, which means that users have a seamless access to the service in any of these countries
  • Google is a service provider: Although Google has signed a contract with T-Mobile and Sprint, for users, Google is the only worldwide service provider for Project-Fi
  • No extra fees: If users go beyond the limit of prefixed plan, then they have to give flat charge of $10 per 1 GB data. Google will not charge any extra fees for overuse

These are some of the benefits that have made people excited about the project across the world. Let’s wait for the global availability of the “next big thing” in an IT domain.

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