Samsung Sets Up its Headquarters at the Epicenter of Tech Forces

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Samsung Sets Up its Headquarters at the Epicenter of Tech Forces

The South Korean company has lately been grabbing all the headlines and now expands their worldwide presence by setting up their U.S. headquarters in San Jose. The building is due to be completed by the year 2015, at a cost of $300 million.

San Jose -USA, Samsung's New Headquarters

San Jose -USA, Samsung’s New Headquarters

The campus will comprise of a 10 story tower and will house close to 2000 employees. It is said to be an ultra-modern design with a glass and white metal exterior and to be designed by the NBBJ architecture firm. The campus will also have massive amounts of space, by providing a gym, café’s, dining areas, restaurants, and gardens.

The research and development center will be close to 1.1 million square feet. There has also been funding of over $100 million for new technologies.  The campus provides enough space to attract employees for the ground breaking new campus. The community will help foster connections and help in the interaction of staff. This move will also add additional revenue of around $23 million in San Jose.

The campus will stand alongside the headquarters of rival tech giants Apple. This signifies acceleration in the rivalry of the two companies. Samsung are the world’s leading smartphone provider, and are now looking to set up its roots in the US, where Apple take the number one spot.

Samsung also plan to take over Apple in terms of innovativeness, and this is the primary objective of this move. A source from Samsung stated that innovation is by no means geographically bound, so we are expanding our operations throughout the globe.

These new plans laid out by the company are highly ambitious and plan to be the global leader in technology. The company is now opening the doors and investing in start-ups, partnering and supporting other innovators and becoming a more active buyer of other companies.

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