Switch to Cloud on this Earth Day

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Switch to Cloud on this Earth Day

‘Earth Day’ is here, and again it’s time to embrace the green! More than 190 countries celebrate ‘Earth Day’ to promote environmental awareness. As we live on the earth, it is our first and foremost duty to save Mother Nature from all types of dangers. We need environment-friendly policies to minimize impact of both pollution and the greenhouse effect.

Information technology offers smart solutions for both businesses and environment. ‘Go Green’ is an objective on which the IT works on and comes up with a solution called- the cloud.

How does the cloud lend a helping hand?

Today, many businesses transfer their software to the cloud. Without our knowledge, cloud computing offers a positive and eco-friendly impact. Let’s know more about it on this ‘Earth Day’:

In simpler terms, the cloud is nothing but the storage space. We can store documents, photos, videos and just any sort of data on the cloud. The cloud handles the data, and we require no additional servers.

A study funded by Google reveals that if the cloud is fully implemented across the US, then it may save up to 326 PJ (Peta Joule) of energy. You may not understand the value of this much saving: it is enough power to fulfill the annual power requirement of Los Angeles!

Certainly you will raise the question: How does the cloud save this much energy? Let’s start digging to find an answer:

Cloud computing enables companies to share IT infrastructure and facilitates companies to reduce carbon footprint. Let’s see how it is possible:

  • It enables matching of server’s capacity with demand. In a way, it can stop wasting of computing resources.
  • It facilitates sharing of resources. Therefore, we need less private servers while using the cloud. Usage of less private servers saves power on systems like alarm and air-conditioning, as well as in a basic electricity usage.
  • The cloud’s server sharing system enables servers to be operated with higher utilization rate. Therefore, waste creation is reduced in a significant manner.
  • Cloud service providers are experts at maintaining and utilizing their servers in a way that they can effectively reduce power loss. Effective implementation of power conditioning and cooling methods enables data centers to reduce carbon emission.

Support Earth Day- Switch to Clouds

We love our planet, and we want to make it capable of sustaining life forever. Businesses can contribute in this mission simply by the switch to the cloud. It is an excellent way to celebrate the ‘Earth Day’!

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