The Khel Mahakumbh Begins

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The Khel Mahakumbh Begins

Khel Mahakhumbh Begins…

To enjoy a healthy environment and unwind from tight schedule routines, IndiaNIC periodically arranges encouraging and cheerful events. Khel Mahakhumbh is one such event that not only encouraged employees to participate in different sports but also, motivated them to win. Their confidence and enthusiasm is not just limited to coding. They actively participated in distinct games with equal gusto and confidence. Our programmers and developers are not just any ordinary employees; they have exclusive sportsmanship, and that makes them to be a part of it.

Most importantly, our esteemed clients from Korea inaugurated this event with laughter of encouragement. Chess, Table Tennis, Snooker and Carom were the major part of Khel Mahakhumbh. There are more than 150 participants and nearly 100 matches being held. Well, this is just the beginning!

After all, they are programmers!

No matter what the need is, programmers always come up with solutions. Like in our event, we required clocks for recording the duration of various chess games. But, our programmers and developers thought not to invest money, instead invest intellect! And the result was –they came up with an application called Tick-Tock Chess which helped during the tournament to record time.

The Khel Mahakumbh The Khel Mahakumbh

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