The Making of Bug (Phase 1 – Day 3)

By admin Oct 1, 2012, 1:24:29 PM , In Events Updates
The Making of Bug (Phase 1 – Day 3)

What a hectic weekend we had! We, TeamAnax, hosted the Birthday Event on Saturday evening for all September born colleagues. Apart from the revamping task, we had to pour in extra efforts for the event, and here also, we did some interesting stuffs, and our efforts were rewarded when we saw people enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Okay! Now, I’ll get back to the bug making task. Day third took some more brainstorming as we had our extra piece of event-organizing task. Still, we were able to hatch our innovative idea of making an e-bug. Being an IT Company, we have heap of electronic wastes, which otherwise become a burden for the world, but for us, those wastes were things of joy.

So, we sorted out few useful e-wastes from the heap and started with our bug creation process. We took the Mouse (computer mouse), pulled it apart and made a mechanical bug out of it. Well, that sounds different, isn’t it? So, why don’t you guys have a look at the Video Tutorial/Making on how we made it? And, don’t forget to check out the snaps.

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