The String Lamp & Bugs (Phase 1 – Day 5 )

By admin Oct 4, 2012, 6:49:59 AM , In Events Updates
The String Lamp & Bugs (Phase 1 – Day 5 )

Making of the String LampAnd once again, it’s time for updates. So, here I am and this is me who’s back again with something new and something amusing to share with all of you. In the last two days, TeamAnax had loads of fun as we created some more friends for our studio. If you’re busy in scratching your head, then stop doing that because you don’t get extra points for that. Alright, I was just kidding.

So, if you’ve stopped guessing, then let me tell you that our friends are none other than our cute little bugs, and this time, they’re not made up of electronic wastes. So now, our e-bugs are accompanied with real looking bugs that have been finely crafted by our highly creative team of painters and artists.

For this task, our artistic team used spoon, wires, plaster of Paris and acrylic colors. All these things were used very wisely and were merged beautifully to create extremely colorful and amusing bugs. After we got over with the bugs, we jumped onto crafting other cool stuffs which were String Lamps, and these lamps, too, were created with miscellaneous stuffs. We’ll hang these lamps all over the studio, and they’ll give a whole new feeling to the environment.

That’s all for today folks because I have given you the needed updates, and I’m not going to reveal any more details. But, to give you a glimpse, this post is, as usual, accompanied with pictures and video, and as I always say, stay tuned as TeamAnax brings you more interesting things for you.

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