Upcoming Apple’s iPad Event Surmises that May Be True!

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 10:27:52 AM , In Events Updates
Upcoming Apple’s iPad Event Surmises that May Be True!

While Apple executives are busy sorting presentation slides for the event, the little tidbits rumors are engrossing people to know what the entire event may bring for them. The special event for iPad, which is expected to commence on 22 October 2013, brings whole new array of conjectures for iPad series. Confirming the date of presentation, the company has sent official invitations for this news event to take place in Apple’s very own fortunate city San Francisco. Having completed most of the successful events in the city, San Francisco has turned out one of the opportune destinations for Apple’s news events.

The iPad October event is speculated to bring celebratory news for new iPad and Macs. If rumors prove correct, the event will most likely features 5th generation iPad, a Retina display iPad mini, a ship date for already announced new Mac Pro and better battery life new Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pros. The invitation covered under the excerpt- We still have a lot to cover- the October event is expected to bring a complete makeover for iPad and Macs.

Apple lover may get lucky to see new iPad mini with smaller bezel and lighter and thinner case that will match iPad mini’s current design. Providing additional power of long-lasting battery and double resolution display, iPad series may augment slightly in terms of weight and profile. The event may also feature fresh Apple TV hardware i.e. probably a new version to the settop streaming box.

The starring hardware of the event is surmised to go on sale shortly after the launch of MacBook Pro on 24th or 25th October. A debut of new iPad will make the biggest change in the device series, and there’s word that it could take similar colorful polycarbonate visual as the iPhone 5C. Although it’s unlikely, but the iWatch could also be a part of the news event.

Except the presentation date, nothing is confirmed and made official by Apple executives. Saying that ‘We still have a lot to cover’, only the invitation are revealed to people.


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