VeriFone’s Way2ride for easy payment; New Yorkers can now hop in & off taxis.

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VeriFone’s Way2ride for easy payment; New Yorkers can now hop in & off taxis.

New Yorkers no longer have to fumble for cash or hunt for their cards when they hop off a taxi; usually in a mad rush to get to their office on time. VeriFone announces it’s new App – Way2Ride, a payment system that would take care of all your taxi woes. All you need to do is tap when you hop in and tap when you hop out.


VeriFone is a company that has been dealing with taxi systems and payments and their new app is aimed at making the whole process of hailing a taxi to getting to your destination and the payment a quick and easy process. The Way 2Ride app works both on Android and iOS smartphones. Users have to preset the payment preferences and the tip information on the app. They then just have to tap the screen or hold it front of the TaxiTV screen and wait for a notification. Once your ride is done it automatically does your payment, and the user can easily check the same on the screen.

The best part about this app is that it does not require NFC or Bluetooth. Way2Ride uses VeriFone’s very own Zoosh system, which makes use of the microphone and speaker of the smartphone to make secure exchanges. Zoosh makes it easy for devices without NFC to use the app.

Besides, footing your taxi bill, Way2ride also lets its users calculate the bill in advance and also informs them if there are vacant taxis nearby. However, the possibility of hailing a cab is still in the offing. The app stores all your receipts digitally so that you can verify your payment particulars. You just have to log online to check your bill and payment details.

Though the system has been implemented only in New York City so far, VeriFone is expecting to cover 70,000 taxis worldwide soon.

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