Vodafone and O2 Launch 4G Services in the United Kingdom

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Vodafone and O2 Launch 4G Services in  the United Kingdom
Vodafone and O2 launching 4G in the UK

Vodafone and O2 launching 4G in the UK

The battle for mobile supremacy continues as Vodafone and O2 both launched their versions of the service. The mobile networks have stepped up a notch today, in order to attract customers to use the latest 4G mobile services. O2 has introduced 4G services in London, Bradford and Leeds, while Vodafone has limited its launch to parts of London. Both the O2 and Vodafone networks are currently offering a wide range of usage plans for its potential consumers. Vodafone’s LTE services will start at an introductory £26 a month, offering 2GB of data with unlimited voice minutes and text messages. O2 on the other hand, has a similar offer with the same price tag, but the carrier offers just 1GB of data with free calling minutes and text messages.

In a Meantime, those customers who are willing to wait until December for4G services can get their hands on the network Three.  They stated that their customers will be offered a 4G network across all of its price plans, which means that unlike their competitors, there won’t be any premium charges. The firmly rooted position of smartphones in our daily lives ensures the popularity of this technology. There is an expectation of over 1 million subscribers to this service by Christmas.

On O2’s service, there are already half a million 4G ready phones that are ready to use. Assuming a similar number for Vodafone, and there could be over 2 million people paying for 4G by the end of this year. Both Vodafone and O2 are offering extra services in an attempt to persuade more customers to join them rather than rival company EE. Vodafone is offering unlimited data for the first 3 months, with a year’s subscription to either Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium. O2 have stated that the customers signing up for the 4G pack, will get 12 months free music content on price plans.

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