AT&T Launched a Cloud-Based Collaboration Service for Small Businesses

By admin May 31, 2013, 3:36:34 PM , In Enterprises
AT&T Launched a Cloud-Based Collaboration Service for Small Businesses

AT&T mobilized cloud based services for small businesses. It is an attempt to provide small businesses an opportunity to harness benefits of mobility. They are helping small businesses to improve connectivity of their mobile workforce and increase productivity on the go. AT&T launched this cloud based service known as AT&T Mobile Workplace to allow data access and data sharing across multiple devices used by the workforce.

Cloud Based Service by AT & T

Cloud Based Service by AT & T

Using Mobile Workplace, employees can work 24/7 without missing on any part of business operations. It offers seamless data access, data sharing and content creation using mobile devices while on the go. This would foster business operations and increase productivity.

The Senior Vice President of small business marketing at AT&T says that this service would enable business to share, store, create, edit and access the data virtually through any mobile device. In addition, it will allow automatic synchronization of company’s content across different mobile devices. Businesses can link multiple computers and devices to this service.

Mobile Workplace as a web-based solution is supported by mobile application or desktop agents that can be synched and accessed on the internet connected devices. Critical business information can be analyzed online as well as offline. This enables continued work even when moving from one place to another. Mobile Workplace can be installed automatically. It is backed by 24/7 support from AT&T experts.

The service is available in different packages such as Basic, Enhanced and Premium. The pricing of this service starts at a low price of $6 per month, per user, for the basic package subscription. However, all the packages are powered with advanced mobility features such as desktop sync, SMS notifications and more. Every subscription of cloud storage includes data storage ranging from 25GB to 100GB.

Mobile Workplace as a cloud-based service would put the work experience of employees at their fingertips. This would improve productivity of employees and improve business operations.


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