E-commerce determining the survival of the fashion industry

By Vishal Feb 5, 2021, 12:47:57 PM , In Enterprises
E-commerce determining the survival of the fashion industry

Can u recall a world without fashion? Since the emergence of the first official fashion brand by Charles Frederick Worth in  19th-century clothes are no longer just clothes: they are a style, a way of self-expression, an identity, and even a self-brand classification. It never stopped invading our world becoming the second biggest industry on earth after food.

Not Long after that,  intelligent technologies invaded life. The introduction of the first electronic web had tremendously boomed every corner of our lives. The phenomena kept Exponentially and unstoppably growing until we reached the world we currently know: a lazy world run by mobile.

Like any other industry with high competition ground, the adaptation of technology was a must to guarantee survival. And so the fashion world got introduced to the e-commerce era bringing a significant portion of growth and geo-limitless promotion.

Reasons why e-commerce is the saver of the fashion industry

Customer new mindset: 

Customer taste and behavior never stops changing and evolving forcing brands to adapt. 

Nowadays customers are lazier, impatient,  more demanding, looking for exclusivity, and widely influenced by all types of social media. Who doesn’t like to have everything they want to be delivered at their doorstep ?? Shopping with a huge bag in your hand is simply no longer on-trend. 

Psychologically proven there are a luxury feeling and huge satisfaction experienced by the customer while shopping online as it Makes him feel privileged and served without effort.

In the fashion industry, the Cambo of endless choice the one click away with the traditional aspect of style and quality had eased the shopping experience and made it an absolute growth for the industry

Geo-Limitless promotion :

Unlike traditional fashion stores, even if situated in the most luxurious avenues and boulevards, limited by storage space and a vitrine. An e-commerce platform is simply limitless 

How many clothes can a large vitrine handle compared to an online portal? 

How effective can be visuality to a certain number of potential customers crossing the store geographical area at limited working times compared to a geo-limited online store visible everywhere anytime?

The digital era in shopping has thrown a lot of brands  to

The limelight. After being traditionally limited to store and place they became visible and available for everyone anywhere and at any time.

Eommerce advantage

Adapting to the digital era: thrive among competitors 

With the current digital world spreading digitalization across all industries, change became the new constant, and adaptation became the key. 

 Not going with the digital flow means being late, less competitive, unfashioned, and not worth it. There are no more excuses to not include technologies in any business model!

According to statistics, 65% of all online shopping starts on a smartphone. This means that consumers are highly into eCommerce, specifically mobile commerce, to drive the lion share of their fashion purchase.

ecommerce web benefit

Make your  Business Branding fly to success!

It is no doubt that The more developed and innovative your services are the better you are perceived by customers! E-commerce platforms offer a smoother and easier experience to your customers. Minimizing gaps and improving customer satisfaction therefore highly promoting your brand’s services!

Luxury brands such as Dior and Fendi are now exclusively on online-stores.

Authenticity through the power of reviews 

An honest positive review is the king of marketing!

Customers tend to check honest reviews before buying. Something they won’t get while waiting in a store.  

E-commerce offers the power of self-expression enabling users to give their opinion and feeling useful and helpful to other people. The importance of reviews is what invented an entire domain of influence marketing where you get paid to review brands on your Instagram/ TikTok ect .

Ecommerce Marketing

Ads blessing 

The more u scroll around the internet the more you find ads ads ands pushing you to shop shop and shop.

Ads are a great advantage brought to the fashion world .cookies help to collect data that later is used by Google to showcase your brand in the right position and the right place online dragging more traffic into your e-commerce platform and increase your popularity.

It can help to drive engagement, gather data on consumers, and build long-lasting brand loyalty.

Cost-effective and a Less time-consuming process for both seller and customer 

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., are playing a crucial role in attracting consumers and pushing domestic brands equally to international brands. Yet consumers would not wait for a second to switch to an easier service instead of wasting time going from one retailer to another for a pair of jeans, few clicks at no time can show a wider range of jeans of all styles enabling him/her to compare prices and have excess to different shops and tastes.  

consumers are becoming very detailed with their searches, less likely to look for category level queries (a cotton T-shirt), and more likely to search using style specific queries (printed white cotton T-shirt). peasy pumpkin squeezy!

From the seller side :

It might need 10 people taking care of a  limited number of clients and running a store the entire day while it needs only one chatbot to handle thousands of customers easily. E-commerce Provide Best ways to communicate with customers

E-commerce helps in facing all kinds of challenges in an uncertain time.

The current global scenario is all you need as proof of the importance of e-commerce platforms for the survival of brands.

In a time when interacting with consumers face-to-face is no longer an option, e-commerce determined the survival of entire businesses. 

E-Revolution is not only driving global economics but also transforming our perception of safety and challenging times. Technology has created and produced new trends in business, economics &  finance.

The Internet has created a new business environment that doesn’t get interrupted without the physical presence of its parties.

Enables Collecting data for later use

Data is the new world power.

Thanks to data analysis technologies collecting data through online portals became highly beneficial as it gives the needed insights about: user preferences, taste, and attitude and so helps enhance and personalize the customer experience. For example, for example, a birthday discount; then the customer will more than likely use that store.

Data helps running a smarter business 100% customer-centric. 

 At the end of this blog, i would like to remind you that the E-Commerce platform saved the existence of od entire business during the COVID-19 global scenario.

Whoever retailers that once believed in the performance of physical stores and rolled eyes at the concept of fashion behind a screen are nowadays demanding it companies to find a way to sell their apparels through online platform finding that their sales have dramatically decreased as the old moves digitally.


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