Healthcare Mobile Apps- the Revolution of Healthcare IT is Here

By admin Feb 6, 2021, 10:49:52 AM , In Enterprises
Healthcare Mobile Apps- the Revolution of Healthcare IT is Here

The healthcare industry faces various challenges in the domains of patient care, doctor-patient relation, integration and assessment of patient data for both diagnosis and treatment, and the like. Healthcare IT plays a vital role in offering tailored solutions for the medical field to deal effectively with such challenges in the form of innovative applications. But then, as the challenges are getting more complex, a proper and timely customization of healthcare apps becomes necessary.

Before we discuss the scope and importance of customized healthcare apps, let us have a glimpse on some interesting stats:

  • 52 percent of smartphone owners collect health information on their phones
  • 80 percent of physicians use medical apps
  • 72 percent of physicians access drug information through smartphones
  • 63 percent of physicians use tablets for doing medical research
  • 44 percent of physicians communicate with medical and paramedical staff via smartphones
  • About 36 percent of healthcare service providers believe that the app-enabled patient portals are the most effective tool in patient engagement

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple identified the importance of healthcare apps in the mobile-driven era, and therefore, it came up with the IOS Health App as a new feature in iOS 8.

Importance of healthcare apps in the era of wearables

Today, healthcare apps need to be integrated with wearables as smart watches and other wearables gain popularity. Fitness or activity trackers use customized healthcare apps to show and store data of various fitness activities. Health apps, specially made for the smartwatches, gain ground as the sales figures of various Android and Apple smartwatches are surging. As people will switch to wearables from smartphones, inventive healthcare apps will be the necessity.

These days, the concept of IoT (Internet of Everything) also develops with a rapid pace, and time is not far when tailored healthcare apps will be integrated into many IoT devices.

In a way, there is a huge scope and opportunities for customized healthcare applications shortly.

How the customization of healthcare apps can grow your business

Healthcare service providers can touch the new heights of success when they come forward with customized healthcare apps for smartphones and wearables. They can reach and target a huge audience across the world consists of people using smart devices to accomplish their day-to-day fitness activities and to get information about various health-related aspects.

Mobile apps that facilitate healthcare service providers for implementing Hospital Management System (HMS), Bed Management System (BMS), Nursing Information System (NIS), and Personal Health Record (PHR) in a better way will become the most sought-after in the near future. Also, medicinal apps that are compliant with HL7, SNOMED, and DICOM standards will remain in demand and app developers can leverage the benefits from its surging demand.

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