High time to switch to Shopify Plus for better eCommerce returns

By admin Feb 6, 2021, 4:25:59 PM , In Enterprises
High time to switch to Shopify Plus for better eCommerce returns

Large and growing online stores require a robust platform to establish their products amid intense competition. But then, startups and even large retailers also get baffled when it comes to selecting the most suitable eCommerce platform for developing a customized online store. These days, as there are many platforms available; finding a platform that takes care of every aspect of a customer-focused, user-friendly online store is bit difficult.

Before moving further, let us find answers to the following questions:

  • Which platform does offer a huge 200 TB of storage?
  • Which platform has 0% transaction fees?
  • Which platform does offer unlimited product listing and bandwidth?

The single answer to all these questions is Shopify Plus. It certainly busts the myth that Shopify is only suitable for small and mid-sized retailers. High-volume merchants can leverage Shopify Plus to implement enterprise-grade selling capabilities, and therefore, it is wise to switch an existing online store to Shopify Plus to get better RoI.

Shopify Plus is a next-gen, cloud-based, hosting eCommerce platform to which the best ERPs like SAP Business One, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics GP can be integrated. It is super scalable and extremely customizable platform with a plethora of innovative features and seamless functionalities.

Here are some of the compelling reasons for migration of an existing online store to Shopify Plus:

  • Reduced development costs: An enterprise-grade online store requires technical skills and its development can be expensive for the merchants if they do not have competence in web development. Shopify Plus reduces such development costs significantly through taking care of every aspect ranging from servers to storage and bugs to bandwidth.
  • Transparent pricing: Shopify Plus plans start from $2000 a month, but goes up by addressing specific needs. Pricing is transparent and constant from the day of signing. Also, Shopify Plus pricing is cheaper than combine costs for hosting, fees and web developers. Budgeting for various value-added features is also easy on the platform.
  • Continuous technical support: Shopify Plus offers access to a specialized development team and gives a dedicated account manager to take care of technical and account-related aspects respectively. It enables merchants faster feature clarification and account support to ensure the seamless performance of their stores.
  • Agile marketing: Shopify Plus offers the right toolset for agile marketing. Merchants or retailers can readily implement agile marketing strategies without taking help of developers through this platform. Agile marketing enables users to get rid of SEO and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) efforts for establishing their eCommerce websites on SERPs.
  • Global platform: Shopify Plus has inbuilt tools for deploying international websites across various regions along with all the necessary options for geo-targeting, currency conversion, and language change. In a way, Shopify Plus is a perfect eCommerce platform having all the provisions for making any eCommerce store competent with global brands.
  • API and extensions: Shopify Plus has a robust API and ability to integrate with popular providers along with a large App Store ecosystem. All the extensions can be readily integrated with an online store to implement new features. It is also one of the most scalable and flexible platforms.

Shopify Plus facilitates big retailers to accelerate their online businesses. Some of the extraordinary features make Shopify a distinct choice for developing customized online stores.

What Shopify offers that other similar platforms don’t

  • 170+ responsive and updated templates
  • Huge range of third-party apps
  • No transaction fees on using Stripe
  • Facebook page development

At the conclusion, it seems better to switch to Shopify Plus for taking an online business to the next level in a hassle-free manner. High-growth businesses can find an end-to-end business solution in Shopify Plus platform.

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