How VR and AR apps benefit Business

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How VR and AR apps benefit Business

Today, tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Samsung pour billions of bucks in developing AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. Both these technologies have got a huge potential to change our present way of doing business. Read on to know how VR and AR apps can become beneficial for the enterprises.

VR and AR apps’ future is tremendously exciting for both work and play. However, they are in the nascent stage of research and development from a business viewpoint.

Though AR and VR share many features and look identical, both these technologies have significant differences. VR takes the user in a virtual world while separating them from the real world while AR inserts virtual objects into the real world to augment users’ experience. VR requires proximity of a powerful PC while AR enables us to move freely in the real world without worrying about PCs. AR devices are required to be autonomous while the VR gadgets are system-dependent.

The combination of both these innovative technologies can give an excellent result in business irrespective of its size and nature.

Benefits of AR

Following are some of the important business benefits that compel the companies to adapt revolutionary AR technology.

Transparency: AR enables entrepreneurs to communicate about their products and services in a better way by giving enhanced visual experience to the customers. In a way, it increases transparency of business.

Data delivery: AR facilitates companies to show real-time and relevant data of their products to people. It also enables companies to deal with the large and context-based amount of data for any products while offering engaging content to the customers.

Training: AR apps and devices can be used to give high-tech training for specific processes to the employees. AR offers better understanding of each tool and technique that is eventually beneficial for the companies to increase productivity.

Some companies use AR to improve their mobile processes also. We cannot deny that AR technology gives competitive edge to any company under the sun. These days, AR becomes a preferred concept for R&D because of many enterprise-friendly features. We can expect AR mobile applications and marketing solutions using AR in the future.

Benefits of VR

Virtual world is virtually unlimited- this fact makes VR technology more promising for the businesses. Following are some of the notable business benefits of VR apps and devices:

Virtual showrooms: VR enables manufacturers to show their products without using much space. For example, car manufacturers can have all their products in virtual showrooms and people can ‘see’ all of them comfortably using the headset.

Interactive marketing: Photo-realistic VR experience engages people and companies can take benefits from such interactive marketing. VR enables companies to promote their products by using blend of photography and technology

Branding: VR assists companies in promoting their products in a better way than AR. Many large companies extensively use this technology for effective branding and aggressive marketing. In a way, VR technology is significantly beneficial for eCommerce companies.

3D vision: People can watch the 3D avatar of all the products without any interruption of the real world. Therefore, VR experience is always more memorable than the real one and improves customer satisfaction. The companies can take benefits from improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

It is predicted that the VR experience is going to improve in the near future through adding a sense of touch with it. Techies are trying to develop haptics (known as tactile sensing) and motion tracking techniques for this purpose.

Both AR and VR technologies have to play a vital role in transforming IoT (Internet of Things) to IoE (Internet of Everything).

As conclusive remarks, we can fairly mention that still both the technologies have a long way to go. But, it is certain that they are going to transform all the business processes for good.

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