Smart health care solutions

By Rania Feb 5, 2021, 12:23:06 PM , In Enterprises
Smart health care solutions

IT technologies invaded our lives in every way possible elevating our quotidian and solving numerous life issues. Health care is no exception, it got influenced by technologies answering everyone’s needs of constant availability and smarter processes and so emerged the smart health care concept leveraging new-generation technologies aiming to transform the traditional medical system minimize medical risks and increase health access making healthcare more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized.

technologies, such as the internet of things (loT), big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence,

Smart Health concept

Smart healthcare system is a new form of healthcare based on the digitalization of services held as eHealth and mHealth services, electronic record management, smart home services, and intelligent and connected medical devices leveraging high technologies mainly IoT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and Communication Technologies (ICT)

It’s main benefits are :

  • improve the quality of healthcare
  • Minimize risks
  • Provide Better diagnostic tools
  • Assist patient recovery
  • Minimize physical presence in hospitals
  • Assist the elders


eHealth is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) and connected devices to advise patients, conduct research, educate the health workforce, spread awareness about different sympthoms diseases, and monitoring public health.


The mobile health system is based on personal devices mainly the smartphone giving access to healthcare anytime everywhere with the help of personal digital assistants (PDAs) to determine early symptoms, direct patients, book appointments, etc.

mHealth and eHealth digital solutions we offer

Efficient digital solutions come to determine the efficiency of smart health care and needed value for healthcare agencies, professionals, and end-users, and patients too.

  • Remote health monitoring: Also known as Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a digital solution based on multiple technologies aiming to collect medical and other forms of health data from different remotely and securely to give better decision making possibilities assist patient recovery and  take further steps in the medical process without bothering the patient tp travel unless it is necessary
  • Ambulance telemetry: A smart system enabling the automatic measurement and transmission of data, teel tracking of patient condition in the ambulance, and delivering needed information for the welcoming board in the hospital.
  • Drug tracking applications: A smart IoT and IAML based solution enabling the immediate tracking of drugs. It can be used in labs to conduct research and do for police to detect drug use among drivers
  • AI-ML Driven Health Diagnosis: An AI-driven programmable software that spots symptoms, finds new links between genetic codes, read Xrays and CT scans… to generate efficient reports.
  • Hospital asset tracking: Hospital asset tracking is an effective digital solution enabling the management of the hospital closely from monitoring available equipment track supplies.
  • Remote Patient Diagnostics: Mobile apps helping to remotely diagnose the patient without the need for his physical presence to keep in touch with your doctor offshore, plan surgeries abroad etc…
  • Hospital Mobility Solutions: All from your, mobile for complete reach and accessibility of critical expensive business and clinical systems, book appointments, and check availability of doctors for home visits
  • e-Health Insurance Companies: An IoT based solutions helping insurance companies to deliver their services digitally like  diagnose damages, health needs and effect the exact needed amount to the user
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices: Based on connected devices this solution helps manage medical deices from mobile apps to facilitate the health care given to the patient like and take actions.
  • Smart Inventory Management: Useful for health care institutions , a digital solution to control your costs using data and powerful software to fill increasing demand with less inventory in order to maximize profits

In the end, we can just be thankful for the blessing of smart health For individual users, smart healthcare can facilitate better health self-management. For professionals, smart healthcare can reduce costs, promote services, ease work, facilitate research, and give better value to patient’s medical experience.

Why IndiaNIC?

With our 22 years of experience, and multiple collaborations with the world’s leading health institutions our solid team of technology leverages enables us to deliver flawless digital health care solutions software aligned with the best and latest possible features on the market and perfect combo and UI/UX. We customize and develop uniquely each and every solution according to the well-analyzed customer inquiries.

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