The Latest Trends in Enterprise Mobility In 2014

By admin Aug 18, 2014, 5:10:41 PM , In Enterprises

The latest technology trend is enterprise mobility. In other words, almost every enterprise is either seriously thinking on or already adopted mobile strategies. Not only a strategy of comprehensive mobility assist an enterprise in forming the ground rules, but it also helps leverage the best benefits of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Since we are reaching the third quarter of the year, the results of surveys are out. We can make out from reading plenty of infographic images on enterprise mobility that there are three key things that drive today’s market in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore company’s profit and expansion.

Trend #1: The users have gone mobile and they don’t mind multiple platforms

As compared to the last year, the device enrollment has boosted up over 130 per cent. Though Apple’s operating system secures the place on top, all other platforms i.e. OSs witnessed quite good increase in device enrollments.

Considering a paradigm shift in the world of technology, more and more people are now switching on to the latest mobile systems from their legacy software and hardware. When the users have moved to mobility, enterprises too are heading toward it.

Trend #2: More and more customers are now app/data base rather than device base

Mobile applications play crucial role in making mobility this popular. There is an app for everything and quick access to various applications have made smartphones, tablet PCs and devices the like most preferable than any other device in the history of technology usage. The number of device-level policies came down in recent years. Frequently imposed policies include GPS, Wi-Fi, Two-layer authentication, restriction of device/apps and passcodes.

The recent shift in enterprise mobility notices that instead of targeting on control and manage a mobile device, people better focus on imposing granular application level policy in order to enhance their mobile experience as it does not compromise the security of data they have.

Trend #3: Enterprise app stores see more ‘productivity applications’ over other genre

Smartphones are just more than communication devices. They have extended their definitions in terms of their usability as it can serve both a buyer as well as a customer. Mobile applications entice and engage user by providing an easy access and navigation to peek through products and services offered by companies. Instant messaging, emailing and file synchronization not only helps the customers to browse through various companies and their products but it also makes companies happy as they get business without having borne much pain.

The deployment of cloud has made things easier than ever before. While data management can be tackled very well using the latest technology of cloud, cloud based apps also provide quicker, better and safer access to data in concern.

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