The Trend of eCommerce in the United States

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The Trend of eCommerce in the United States

Throughout the years, the US has set benchmarks in the field of e-commerce.  They are said to have the most wired population on the planet and the best country for eCommerce, according to Forrester Research. With the inception of the Internet, e-commerce has grown at a rapid rate.

The country has been passionate about building proper infrastructure for the development of this market and is continuously expanding its growth with the digital age kicking in. The Internet has become an integral part of the citizens of the US, making them dependable on the net at all times.

The Trend of eCommerce in the US

The Trend of eCommerce in the US

There is no question that e-commerce plays a vital part for the growth and development of businesses throughout the country but there are a few limitations the field faces.

  • Data and transaction security issues. There is also a risk of viruses, which can infect the system.
  • Connection issues are another inhibitor of the trade. One needs to set up high internet connection to experience a smooth transaction.
  • Lack of personal contact will lead to insufficiency of personal attention. The customers may not get the personalized attention they need while buying the product.

There are certain drivers that enhance the growth of eCommerce in the country.

  • Proper telecom infrastructure, which makes the US the most wired country in the world.
  • Support from the Government for the growth of the Internet and eCommerce. The citizens are also made aware of the tools of the trade by implementing its practices at schools.
  • Widespread availability of broadband services, which are helpful for both customers as well as businesses.
  • There is a growing increase in the use of credit cards, which makes online transactions much easier to the users.
  • The field of e-commerce has also helped in the overall growth of the nation.
  • The United States has the highest number of Internet users in the world. This makes e-commerce easier and convenient for the citizens.

Another key factor, which boosts the growth of eCommerce in the nation, is the fact that Americans are likely to spend money liberally, especially with credit cards. Reports suggest that the US is also the top ranked country in terms of the number of credit cards issued.

The Forrester Research center stated that an average American citizen spends up to 250 dollars a month through eCommerce. Businesses, as well as consumers have begun to make a rapid shift towards the adaptation of e-commerce as a vital part of its societal core. This has resulted in an evolution of a society that has begun to depend upon the Internet.

New ways of online transactions are still developing in the country. The citizens are taking advantage of the Internet’s widespread shopping forums, to shop more efficiently and to make more informed buying decisions. Businesses are bringing in e-commerce infrastructure to enhance marketing.

In summary, electronic commerce is inevitable and constantly developing. It is clear however, that the by all measures available, the US dominates in the wide spread distribution of eCommerce.


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