Web and Mobile Technologies that Help Small Business Grow

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Web and Mobile Technologies that Help Small Business Grow

Smart companies advocate their business by embracing various technologies that not only meets the business goals but also the financial requirements. Technologies are connecting small organizations to large opportunities. Many small businesses are not into technology business, but this does not mean that they are exempted to keep up with the latest technology developments. Many small businesses say that they do not have enough time and resources to look for ways to use technology for attracting customers. Avoidance of technology and its fruitful upshots is costing business time, money and potential customers.

Technologies for the small business owners

Technologies for the small business owners

Small businesses have limited budget and availability of skilled resources that restricts them to embrace technology trends. However, this notion does not ensure their prolong existence in the market. Instead companies have to work hard to continually improve operational efficiency with technology aid. In the Internet era of competitiveness and fiscal concern, nurturing your business with economic yet profitable technology solution is vital.

Technology Solutions Growing Small Business in an Economic Way

A small business is different from a national conglomerate in one major way: small business has limited resources and small budget, and large business has multiple resources and huge budget. So, the technology solutions for small business are different as compared to enterprises, but the aim remains the same.

Web Technology

Even if your audience is relatively small, establishing brand awareness and reliability is essential. So, developing website with professional tone, formatting and layout is the first thing you should do. And, for small businesses going for open source web development is the perfect and viable option.

Website Development

Developing your website on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal will make your budget strain-free as it is free. Also, if you need more modification and functionalities in your website, the open source customization solutions are very much affordable. Open source development, deployment and monitoring process are significantly less thus, saving both, your time and money.

Along with monitoring your business activities, managing your website now becomes easy with open source. So for businesses that had less time and resources to amend technology into business will have fair chance to beat the competitors.

Website Designing

Along with website development, website designing is the next essential phase of web development technology to look for. Rather than going for HTML or basic web designs, it is advisable to go for responsive web design or open source CMS designs.

Employing any of these solutions for website design will exempt you from paying extra money to make it responsive for various mobile devices. So, you do not have to worry about desktop-to-laptop-to-mobile website conversion.

Mobile Technology

Mobile devices are proliferating in the present market. So, mobile website as well as mobile app development is equally important as web development. Small businesses often drop the idea of developing any of these on mobile platform. Reason can be anything- small budget, limited resources or less time for maintenance. Whatever the reason may be, in present scenario if your business has no mobile presence then you are losing significant number of audiences that can be converted into payable clients. Hence, mobile website as well as app development is must for small business.

Mobile App Development

For small business, rather than going for proprietary software, open source sounds more feasible option. It will meet both, your business and financial requirements. Growing your business on Android platform is the feasible option. It is open source, free and customizable. The app developed using Android platform will run on maximum mobile devices, excluding iPhone and Windows Phones. So, once the application is developed, your work is done! Whether it is business app, mobile wallpapers, social media integration, etc, all can be accomplished on this affordable platform.

Mobile Website Development

Business website, if initially developed for responsiveness, can limit your efforts, money and time in again developing the same for mobile platform. With little or no modification your business website will significantly perform well for mobile devices. The challenging economic environment has forced many small businesses to cut back in all aspects of their business. Hence, in this case employing solution that is profitable and inexpensive is definitely going to help your financial statistics.

Including website and app development, marketing both is the next step for small businesses. And, to market your app or website, consulting an experienced IT firm is a profitable option that will maximize your investments. Also, in the development phase, experienced IT Company can serve as ‘fairy dust’ for your business and can do wonders for your ROI.

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