Why are Mobility Solutions needed for Logistics Businesses?

By Abhishek Amin Feb 10, 2021, 11:06:24 AM , In Enterprises
Why are Mobility Solutions needed for Logistics Businesses?

Ecommerce, Mobile commerce, and on-demand solutions have made us humans even more demanding. In other words, we hate it when the deliveries of the goods we bought online are delayed. There is even more emphasis given to the supply chain management system these days. Logistics businesses must consider implementing logistics mobility solutions in order to bring that right balance between the demand and supply.

Whenever there’s a talk about the optimization of supply chain management systems, logistics operations play the most important role. Logistics is where the delivery from one point to the other happens. It includes the plan and coordination in the movement of the goods from one point or origin to the destination with safety and effectiveness within the desired time. 

Mobility Solutions for Logistics Operations

Mobile Solution for Supply Chains & Routes

This industry demands greater speed, flexibility, and reliability to maximize the service levels for the merchants and retailers continuously. There is a huge complexity and pressure involved in regards to the transparency and real time operational discernibility throughout the freight, warehouse, and transportation control systems. A strategically designed mobile application development will integrate fleet management solutions that will allow streamlining the entire logistics process, including smart route management to aid drivers and real-time tracking of goods.

  • Advanced supply chain management
  • Supply chain automation & monitoring
  • Smart route management
  • Fleet tracking and management
  • Faster efficient deliveries

Fleet management system build for max. efficiency 

A strategically designed fleet management software application can help transportation and logistic businesses avoid the chaos. This fleet management system can help businesses track, evaluate, control, and simply fleet operations by streamlining the fleet of all sizes. The fleet management software can be galvanised by multiple features like live route tracking, driving behaviour, and vehicle monitoring solutions with smart analytics.

  • Mobile first approach
  • Route monitoring
  • Congestion tracking
  • Efficient delivery system
  • Fleet maintenance & management

Fast-paced distribution management at a fraction of cost

Outperform with current or reduced staffs, supply more channels from a single inventory, and deliver on exquisite customer experiences, take faster distribution decisions, and cut warehousing and distribution costs with intelligent mobility solutions by IndiaNIC.

  • Scalable and faster operations
  • Continuous optimization
  • Ever-converting demands
  • Faster distribution networks

Freight forwarding management solution delivering peace of mind

Due to COVID-19, freight forwarding businesses are hit massively and they all realise the necessity of freight forwarding mobility software solutions to be adopted. It will help such businesses to avoid perishing and help them evolve with the effortless and effective management of the entire freight forwarding process. It is also possible to seamlessly integrate a custom freight forwarding software application with existing CRM, invoice or billing, and accounting applications online to make it completely accessible from anywhere and by any device.

  • End-to-cease process integration
  • Automation with one point data entry
  • Interface with financial accounting structures
  • Integration with 3rd party ERP solutions

Why Should Logistics Businesses Invest in Mobility Solutions?

  • Managing and optimizing supply chain operations will enhance productivity, reduce costs.
  • Logistics mobility software app will improve overall visibility, transparency, smart inventory management, and revenue streams.
  • Productivity and performance of the staff will be improved too.
  • Instant and effective platform to log entries, shipment instructions from transporters and brokers.
  • Actual time and data analytics along with reports will help in monitoring the performance with key performance based and economy indicators with graphical representation too.
  • A mobile platform instantly brings your customers near to you. Get rid of manual processes and avail the benefits of mobility era for enriched customer support.
  • Access to crucial data statistics for sales executives for better forecasting and to craft the futuristic strategies.

Why Contact IndiaNIC for Logistics Automations & Mobility Consultation?

Our experienced industry experts integrate advancements of mobile technology along with core aspects of the transportation industry to deliver next-gen logistics solutions for Fleet Management which includes International & Domestic Transportation, Freight Management, Shipping Management, Realtime GPS tracking, loading and unloading for global businesses.

Strategic consultation, roadmap, approach, and software app development methodology at IndiaNIC will empower you by simplifying complexities occuring in logistic operations. Team of business and tech professionals will make sure to personalise the software solutions to meet your every business objective via experienced mobile app development services.

Get in touch with our logistics experts now, we’d love to hear your next big thing for your logistics business.

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