Why Choose IndiaNIC for Proximity Marketing Solutions?

By Abhishek Amin Jun 10, 2021, 4:24:51 AM , In Enterprises
Why Choose IndiaNIC for Proximity Marketing Solutions?

With unmatched expertise in BLE/ iBeacon, NFC, Wi-Fi, Geofencing, QR, etc., we help businesses to connect digital and real worlds whilst providing business intelligence for proximity marketing campaigns. The team’s expertise in building custom proximity marketing solutions helps clients to achieve location-based customer engagement by providing seamless user experiences. 

Proximity Marketing Solutions Offered by IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC is a leading iBeacon app development company that has developed its own iBeacon SDK that helps in detecting nearby beacons. The proximity marketing solutions the team develops will help you in bridging the gap between the brand’s offline and online marketing strategies.

Proximity Marketing with BLE/Beacons

With pre-configured BLE-powered beacon devices, get a marketing strategy in place in no time at all. Create, manage and monitor beacon campaigns all from an easy-to-use web platform. Reach your potential end-users with rich and interactive content (promotions, offers, discount codes) through beacon notifications leveraging iBeacon app development when they are in the proximity of iBeacons. Drive in-store customer engagement with custom iBeacon app development.

Geofence based Marketing

Using virtual geographical boundaries which recognize a smartphone in range, we help businesses to attract customers within the preconfigured vicinity. With a custom-built mobile app, we integrate geofencing SDK, design, and create rich mobile experiences for geofencing marketing strategies.

NFC Tags

The fact that most Android and iOS devices have in-built NFC capabilities, NFC tags can be a simple yet powerful tool to deliver business information in a single tap. We empower our clients with NFC tags which can be placed in multiple places and even on products themselves.

QR Codes

This 2D technology is also a good way to share business information to increase awareness and effective engagement. Nowadays with smartphones having in-built QR code scanning capabilities, we help clients to engage with QR Codes with logo design for a personalized brand experience.

Industries We can Serve with Proximity Marketing Solutions:

  • Retail 
  • Hospitality (Resorts, Hotels, etc.)
  • Restaurant
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare (Clinics, Hospitals, Check-up/Scanning Centers)
  • Media & Advertising
  • Airport & Transit
  • Museums
  • Public/Private Events

Benefits of Proximity Marketing Solutions

Increase footfalls and Sales

Attract nearby or passing customers with promotional offers and discounts. Great way to promote new products and designs to potential clients. 

Incentivize Customers

Empower your existing customers to return with rewards that they can redeem in-store. Businesses can propose upselling at the time of sales with further benefits.

Rich Customer Experiences

Delivering interactive content is the key to an enhanced customer experience. It can be a wayfinding module, sign-up forms, or information using NFC, BLE/ iBeacon technologies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions for Beacons

Where do you think beacons can be used for proximity marketing? Any ideal places?

Beacon is a small BLE chip but its usage can be tremendous by sharing any kind of information you may want your existing or potential customer to receive on Android or iOS devices. They can be used in various verticals like recruitment agencies, bars, restaurants and cafes, political campaigns, gyms, small and medium businesses. They also can be used in stadiums and bigger events, exhibitions for pathfinding, or as an informative assistant.

What experience do you possess in providing proximity solutions?

IndiaNIC has got in-house developed beacons placed in many countries. We have developed the following solutions using beacons:

  • Interactive tour guide with Audio, Video, and textual information
  • Resource/ Asset tracking app 
  • Indoor positioning/ Wayfinding 
  • Push driven Proximity Marketing
  • Smart healthcare solutions

Will your software platform support any beacon device or do we need to purchase iBeacons from you?

Specifications Universal BLE protocols are standard. As a consequence, all Eddystone beacons are compatible with our platform. We can give you the specification and you can buy the iBeacons by yourself. However, it depends on you whether you want to purchase from the market or use iBeacons developed by us.

What benefits and quality I can expect if I engage in the iBeacon app development idea/ project?

Strike a deal with us and you will work with a highly innovative and experienced team of designing and development at the most competitive prices in the market with your expected quality benchmarks.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
  • Price Guarantee
  • 100% Project Delivery
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Initial Live Support

Why IndiaNIC for Proximity Marketing Solutions?

IndiaNIC has been developing and delivering the best mobile app development services since 1997. Expertise in a wide spectrum of services, unique methodology, and communication has broadened its popularity in the domains of BLE/ iBeacons, IoT, Geofence, NFC, RFID, etc. 

Recently, IndiaNIC has been nominated in the Top 1000 Companies of 2020 by Clutch, a reliable leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing, and Business Services providers.

With our expertise, we offer multiple options of development and integration phases. If you have an existing mobile app, we can integrate our Android app or iOS app SDK with it to start delivering proximity-based rich information to your customers.

If you want to develop an Android app or iOS app, we are the best in the business. IndiaNIC is a one-stop-shop for your digital and IT requirements. 

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