iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – How Does China See 'Em Differently than the US?

By admin Jan 22, 2015, 12:01:29 PM , In iPhone / iPad / iPod

Last year when Apple came up with two models of iPhones, critics had not missed any moment in saying that Apple has broken the tradition of small sized smartphones and gradually turns toward the big-sized phones. Yes, the size difference is there between iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, as the latter is bigger, but then what do we say about iPhone 6 Plus? With the larger (and the largest among all the iPhones) 5.5-inch version, iPhone 6 Plus gave the reason to raise eyebrows of many people in the US. No wonder that iPhone 6 became the biggest hit of the year 2014 and iPhone 6 Plus struggled with the 80/20 ratio in favor of iPhone 6. Still, US customers find it unfit for their pockets as the latest survey shows that the ratio is still 75/25 in favor of the smaller iPhone. So, iPhone 6 Plus has a long way to go in the US.

iPhone 6 phones

iPhone 6 phones

But, in Asia, the story is different. At least, iPhone 6 Plus has got something to cheer about in China, one of the largest markets in the world. New data from AppLovin, a mobile advertising company, has revealed that iPhone 6 Plus gains momentum among the Chinese people. In China, the ratio was 60/40 earlier, but now it is about approach 55/45 in the favor of smaller iPhone. There, a question arises: Why the Chinese people give almost the equal importance to both the iPhones? To answer, in some of the Asian countries like China and India, local as well as foreign companies sell big-sized phones. Here, consumers are okay with big screen if they get lots of innovative and inventive features at a reasonable price.

In addition, China is already the world’s biggest market for “Phablets” or phones with screen sizes bigger than 5.5 inches. On the other hand, US have fewer phablet models, and they are quite costly as well. Another reason associates with entertainment. Chinese and other Asian people like to watch movies on larger screen smartphones instead of their smaller siblings.

In conclusion, we can say that different usage habits play a key role in sales of any smartphones. Size matters when it comes to smartphones, but people from different geographical areas have different thoughts about it, and iPhone 6 is the biggest example. Looking at the surge in sales of iPhone 6 Plus in China, there is no exaggeration in saying that it would become the number one choice among iPhones in Asia.