7 Serious Issues Faced During In-house Software Development

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7 Serious Issues Faced During In-house Software Development

Mobile and web marketing is flourishing, and every single company, that is in the verge of expansion, is trying to make the optimum use of these two markets through apps and sites. But, in order to ensure that the required apps and sites are built according to their requirements, they need to have an in-house development. While one can see absolutely no harm in having an in-house development team, there are some serious issues that crop up during in-house development.

Issues in in-house software development

Issues in in-house software development

At the very first glance, money seems to be the only issue, but in the long run, a company has to face multiple problems with in-house development. Let us see what those problems are.

Significant Investment

Cost is the first and foremost problem that a company faces during in-house development. Right from recruiting developers to setting up the requisite infrastructure, everything needs to be taken care of. Further, you also need to spend on the training of the employees. The in-house development team is going to be an expansion, and expansion requires resources, which in turn requires capital. So, significant investment is required for in-house app development.

Recruitment is Headache

Leave aside the money; setting up an in-house development team requires lots of efforts, human resources and ample time. Every company wants the best developers by its side, and hence, it leaves no stone unturned to ensure that it has the best one. But, the arrangement of the recruitment sessions for finding and hiring such developers is such a tedious task that eventually, recruiting good developers becomes a headache for the company.

Hunt for Skilled Professionals

Aspiring companies for in-house app development would be happy to know that they can find plenty of developers in the market. But, the problem is they would have a hard time in finding skilled professionals. Yes, this is another grave concern, finding experienced experts who perfectly fit into your criteria. A related problem to this one is if you do manage to find one, then experienced personnel will demand for more money, which means if you have a tight budget, then forget about getting expertise.


Once, a company hires in-house developers, it becomes entirely dependent on them. Since, there is limited number of developers; the company has to face problems even if a single developer is on leave, especially when a particular developer works on a particular part of the app or site. This dependency becomes a serious concern for a company, and it also prolongs the actual time of project completion.

Domain Expertise

There are several aspects of app development and at times, you might require a domain expert to address such problems. For instance, an app developer is responsible for development but the app designing should be done by a prolific designer. Similarly, while you are getting a site developed in PHP, you may require Flash for a particular webpage. This demand for multiple domain experts breaks the spontaneity and also increases difficulties in the path of smooth project development.

Tools and Technologies

Though, there are several development tools that are licensed for free and do not require permission for distribution, there are several other technologies that do require permission for distribution. Therefore, getting the appropriate tools and technologies for development is another stumbling block for in-house development.

Maintenance Expenditure

There are several large enterprises for which setting up an in-house development team can be a trivial affair. But, for such enterprises, the concern crops up after the requirement or the project is over. Once, the project is over, companies need to spend money for maintenance of the essential infrastructure and resources. This maintenance expenditure certainly is an extra burden on the shoulders of the companies.

The Solution

The best solution to overcome multiple hurdles is outsourcing. On the Internet, you find many offshore IT companies that can take up your project and leave you worry free. Not only you control capital cost but also get customized solution for your objectives. While your project is outsourced, you may focus on other businesses. Various software development models for hiring experts are available with offshore companies. You can contact the company and discuss about it.

The prospects of in-house development seem to be fruitful, but when put into implementation, it actually has many stumbling blocks. Therefore, if you wish to go ahead with it, it is better to think about the solution provided here and change the decision.

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