Are You Clear About the Business Objectives Before Giving Your IT Project?

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Are You Clear About the Business Objectives Before Giving Your IT Project?

The fruitful outcome of your project depends on the series of successful events.  On the contrary to what most of the clients believe that the major part of project development begins once it is allotted, there lies more homework even before contacting a software provider. I don’t mind calling it the rudiments of a successful project.

Business Objectives

Business Objectives

In many software projects, enthusiastic clients come with their requirement but not clarity and the difference between these two is unbeknownst to them. A simple example of this can be thought of –you require a car but don’t have clarity what is the purpose of it; because you think that a car is for transportation, but as you start exploring it, you get serendipitous findings about what all is possible in a car. This is what exactly happens with a project you take to the software developers without having done your homework on a car.  As a result of gloomy objectives, you expect a hi-tech luxury sedan, and what you get is a normal functioning vehicle that has four wheels, a gear, an accelerator and a break, and some sitting arrangement!

The first thing about clarifying your project objectives is to know the purpose.  What all you want in your car and why? This sufficiently answers most of the questions that the software or mobile app development companies would like to know. You don’t seclude anything from them, and this transparency will help you execute your project well and good.

If this blog post has come apropos, let’s understand and go through a checklist before you give away your dream project. By doing this, not only will you save your time, but you will also get what you exactly wanted. Having said this, the product you get will fulfil the purpose for what it was born in your brain.

The purpose of the product

Why do you want it? You have been doing things quite well till now without it! Ask yourself this and it’ll dust the thoughts you have for your product, and you’ll have a clearer picture. For instance, if you want to develop a mobile app for social networking, is it merely to share information or you want to grab an attention of big daddies of the marketing world to contact you for their advertisements?

The size of the project

This is catchy, and most of the buyers fail to understand this. They think of a hill and Blimey, it’s a mountain! At times, you need to understand that the product would have certain phases. The first launch could be a beta launch and they over the period of time, the project size gets increased and finally, you launch a product. This is very important to keep yourself calm because otherwise you quite often don’t see a milestone achieved as a bit of the project done! You must believe that big projects take a good amount of time to complete. The size of the project is directly proportionate to the time development companies take to get your deliverables.

One-time investment or ongoing?

Check out whether the product you are looking for is a one-time investment product or it requires ongoing fiscal nurturing. If you fail to understand this, you might end up in messing up the product. That is because there are some products you make and just fuhh-gett, but when there is a recrudescence of the necessities, you hie down to the development company at eleventh hour, which may not work. Identify every possibility to check whether the project is a one-time investment or you’ll have to deploy experts for a certain period of time. If you have bigger dreams, you simply cannot shoehorn ‘em all in one go.

The technology used

If you are determined to use a particular technology for your software product, be sure about the versions and platforms you want. On the other hand, if you are unsure about the technology, simply ask experts. Many mobile app development companies including IndiaNIC offer their services of business and technology consultancies wherein the veterans from mobile and web technologies assist and guide you to decide the best suitable technology.

With a few things in mind and a little homework on having business objectives clarified would help you get what you want, when you want and above all, how you want it.

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