Change is the new…constant adaption is the key!

By Rania Jun 29, 2020, 3:58:54 PM , In Advice
Change is the new…constant adaption is the key!

The world we know is changing drastically, it acts differently, feels differently, lives differently…

This global distress scenario caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was and still is a huge challenge for the global economy but it is definitely a wake-up call to play a more modest role and accept that many things are simply beyond our human control. 
Covid-19 made us realize that what comes first is our health and of those who are our beloved ones.

After lockdown is over in so many countries, work-life is partially back for so many businesses, yet taking strict safety measures is a must. Every workplace and every business duty is to be fully equipped to guarantee their team’s safety as the agility to respond and make prevention and protection is a prime concern. 

Here are some major tips and must follow for your business comeback!

1/ Prioritize your team’s safety: 

Sanitizing, distancing, wearing masks, thermal checks and constant cleaning is our new way of working! the show must go on and teams should feel safe and comfortable within their offices. It will take time, action, collective awareness, rule pressures, and working together to surpass this pandemic. 

2/ Spread awareness:

 Make sure your team is ready to take strict safety measures seriously & that they are aware of the upcoming collective responsibility.

 When it comes to a big family of 420 web and mobile experts, IndiaNIC made sure everyone is safe by filtering emergency projects and only allowing few people in the office depending on their ongoing work while making sure everyone with kids or with sensitive health to keep working from home and take care of their beloved ones.

3/Review your workflow:

Update your workflow in a more efficient way that involves less human contact within the office. It consists of building a high degree of flexibility and continued work routine in their short- and medium-term strategizing. 

You should get ready to adjust operations up and down and not assume that the future is a linear process.

4/Update your business model: 

Covid-19 taught us a lot about the importance of digital evolution for every business.

Remember that a simple e-commerce platform or telehealth app saved the year for so many businesses! 

Updating your business model as a comeback will be a great step to get ready for future fluctuations.

5/ Implement smarter tech-based systems:

Change is the new...constant adaption is the key!

The more tech-solutions oriented your business is the safer it would be facing crasis! We suggest adopting IoT and AIML solutions in your work system as it has great capabilities of driving your insights into meaningful conclusions and estimations it  saves your core activities from getting postponed and even help estimate  your client’s potential demand and needs

6/ lead your customers into a post-pandemic mode:

Maintain your collaborations, your clients’ requests and your marketing strategy to inform your customer with the new updates you have is a must-do emerging from the corona crisis won’t be this easy and post-corona norms might revolutionize the world of industries ad businesses.

At the end of this blog, we wish this situation won’t last long and that we will be able to regain our normal lives soon. we all learn the lesson of appreciating what we have and cherishing the smallest things in our lives such as our mental and body health.

Because in the end ….Change is the new constant….and  adaption is the key.

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