How to Develop Strategic Planning for Mobility?

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How to Develop Strategic Planning for Mobility?

The year of 2013 begun with some of the best advantages in business as latest technology not only helped managing the day-to-day business tasks but also brought some revolutionary changes in business processes. Moreover, with this, there was a hot discussion among various companies about how to develop the strategic planning for mobility. In fact, the question was one of the major moot points in various worldwide mobile conferences and publications. While some companies were successful in creating preliminary mobility solutions others kept on struggling with it.

Enterprise mobility provides you best office management from anywhere

Enterprise mobility provides you best office management from anywhere

Well, it is a great step! However, if scratch the surface, you will find that those strategies are not just enough to drive your business to the mobility. They are just the simple initial steps for mobilizing your business. For any enterprise, mobility is very vital if they want the business to survive in 2013 and beyond.

In the past, many technology challenges were solved and that gave the birth to newer technologies. As a result, the year of 2013 may reach the hallmark of latest technology as enterprise solutions. And, if your business is not responsive to this trend, then it is going to be hard to satisfy your business needs. You may experience hard competition for your survival. Hence, it is vital that you rethink your approach against the emerging trend of mobility. Let us learn few tips about enterprise mobility strategy planning.

Strategy Planning for Mobility

Mobility is a buzzword and hot topic for 2013, and knowing that it is on the rage is not enough. You require planning for utilizing the advantages offered by mobile technology. Here are some strategic approaches for making your business sustainable in this competitive world of technologies.

Create Business Driven by Mobility

The mobile technology has become vast since 2012, and with this, the non-mobile business areas now have started adopting Smartphone for carrying out business operations. In order to be blessed with the potential benefits of mobility, you need to refurbish almost all part of your business activity. Your new business approach must be centered to the latest technology for example, cloud computing. Right from mobile to web technology, cloud computing have ameliorated both. Hence, the foremost thing here is to get your business on mobile. In other words, have all business processes driven by mobility.

Using Mobile Implementation, Define Your Business Model

The speed of innovation and wealth of this platform have opened the doors for new the resources for business enterprise. Mobility today brings swift and innovativeness in the business workflow. But, the mobile implementation has to be smartly managed in order to bring new business models. You have to look beyond your existing strategy that you use to managing your business operations.

It is time that you now look for mobility business models like pay-per-use pricing, on-demand provisioning and the freemium and premium model for mobile app usage. Hence, you need to define and refine your business model owing to mobile implementation.

A Move from MDM to EMM

Initially the business models were designed based on Mobile Device Management (MDM). But, with the emergence of new advancements, the mobility has reached to its maturity level. The big tech-daddies are now talking about the Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). EMM is not only about the securing device but about also securing the content or information being transferred to the device. Various organizations must adopt the user-centric approach to increase the security, and reduce the risk and cost.

The main reason of using EMM is that there is multitude of data sources that approaches you. And you need to collect, manage and store it. In past, organizations make use of ERP system, and many are still using, for maintaining, processing and gathering transactional data. Unlike past, in 2013, the source, format and size of the data will be unpredictable. Almost 90% of valuable business information can be unstructured. Hence, it is highly essential to move from MDM to EMM mobility. Make sure that EMM meet the objective of your industry and IPSR of your company.

Traditional IT Policies v/s Smart Policies

The smart gadgets have forced the organizations to refine and reconstruct their traditional IT policies. For competing with other companies in a better way, the employees started preferring the use of better mobile technology. And, this resulted in Bringing Your (their) Own (mobile) Devices for quicker task performance. The implementation of such policies has caused serious security issues for company. Hence, traditional IT policies gave rise to unnecessary complexity for business management. It is for this reason smart policies explosion became the must thing for any company. Smart policies will ameliorate the way your employees work on the go. It will automatize your business process and will ultimately boost organization’s productivity.

Following these points, you can easily surpass the hurdles for your existence in this highly mobile world. You can transform all your business legacy data into smart mobile devices without any hassles. Now, as you know the strategic planning for mobility, you can get the mobility solution for your business from a reputed company, and can restructure your entire business model.

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