The positive side of COVID-19 on IT businesses that nobody sees!

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The positive side of COVID-19 on IT businesses that nobody sees!

It is no doubt that COVID -19 has been a huge weight on the global economy affecting businesses all over the world. It caused the complete shutdown of some of the strongest businesses on the planet, the deterioration of the economy of the most powerful countries, and the inhibition of entire sectors.

When it comes to IT businesses, the consequences are considered hideous: with the withdrawal of demand and leads turning the focus on internal problems rather than outsourcing. Survival became a priority!

You are probably thinking “enough negativity please we already know all of that!” But there is always a good side in the ugliest situations! This is what this blog is about!

COVID-19 as ugly as it is has some disguised benefits! And here where we discuss the bright side of COVID-19 on IT businesses that nobody sees! Life after corona will bring some good fortune to IT businesses!

Here are some main effects on client demand:

The emergence of new needs in technologies!

Reviewing current business models.

With the pressure, some sectors had to face due to the pandemic . some had to reconsider their business models and realize how important and crucial technologies can be to determine their survival during a global crisis!

With all the social distancing, working from home, and employee number restrictions, Companies realized that the lack of digital solutions made maintaining a smooth workflow is hard and even impossible.

Even after all this, it is expected the IT industry to have an enormous market boom from US$ 131 Billion in 2020 to US$ 295 in the next five years by 2025. The main reason for this increase in the economy for this industry is the increased demand for software and social media platforms such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video call, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

A lot of retail businesses will be reaching out to IT companies looking for social e-commerce platforms, online shopping, and mobile commerce solutions. So is the case for health sectors needing Telemedicine, Self Diagnostic and On-demand lab report platforms, and Patient management systems. Education sectors all over the world will be demanding live class and online examinations & assessment platforms.

Get to know more about: Must-have technologies that COVID-19 imposed on businesses.

New entrepreneurial vision and perspectives

Life after COVID-19 will have new visions, new needs, and new perspectives. Entrepreneurs will be reconsidering their project ideas and putting into consideration such global scenarios. Visions will be oriented towards business models based on technologies.

With the huge success of communication apps such as duo and google meet, e-commerce platforms, and Netflix in this period, cloning such apps and websites will be the new entrepreneurial trend! Good luck for IT companies dealing with all that demand XD!!

When it comes to internal benefits, COVID-19 taught great lessons!

Implementing a new working system in a short time

Like a falling hot pot can lead to possible scenarios where you react fast and save the day or too slow which leads to bad results, not because a flaw in the system is just the timing in playing the major rule in the working solution. Practicing emergency situations and testing business continuity plans and disaster recovery strategies are compulsory to face bad situations.

Improving team connectivity and interactions in bad situations

A good team needs an office, a great team needs real communication!

The crisis showed how good the team could be so reliable and efficient, but this is not cost-free. It comes with good programs based on 5 barriers:

  • Barrier 1: Individual agendas. People are used to looking after themselves.
  • Barrier 2: Silo thinking. In organizations, the attainment of a result will depend on all those in the process working together.
  • Barrier 3: Lack of trust.
  • Barrier 4: Vagueness about what is to be achieved.
  • Barrier 5: Absence of conflict.

Because a good team needs an office, a GREAT team knows no boundaries!


A time to learn new things and organize online training sessions for employees

It’s time or never to focus on online training for employees. Sessions can be held by coaches or leaders in the company itself.

It can include leadership, design, and informative sessions.

Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of training in growing the business. The results of the training are concrete and measurable both in terms of productivity and in the professional development of staff. The company will be able to dictate the objective and the strategy to be applied to achieve it. It also has the power to personalize training to adapt specifically to its field of activity.

The opportunity to Focus on some in-house projects

Excuses like we are busy, we don’t have time, we have priorities won’t work anymore. With an in-house team, the company can ensure efficiencies and differentiation from competitors’ workflow and eventually encourage growth.

In the end, no matter how well-planned and organized we are, and no matter how much we live in an advanced era characterized by significant human impact…. we are not in control. One simple virus disrupting everything.

positive side of COVID-19 on IT businesses

This offers a great opportunity. In almost every aspect of life, we want to be in control. Whether it is health, airline safety, or our calendars, we live in the illusion that full control is possible. The virus can help us create awareness that this is not the case. It provides an opportunity to take a more modest role and accept that many things are simply beyond our control.

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