10 Extremely Useful Apps That The First Time iPhone User Must Have

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10 Extremely Useful Apps That The First Time iPhone User Must Have

When a person uses iPhone for the first time, his or her excitement is at peak. But, a novice iPhone user would have trouble to find applications that an iPhone must have. This task becomes all the more difficult because there are millions of applications available on the AppStore, and it is very difficult to find out which ones are worth keeping and are actually going to be useful for him.

So, here are 10 useful applications that will help a person to perform his daily tasks in a better and easier way.

What apps a first time iPhone users must have?

What apps a first time iPhone users must have?


This easy-to-use free iPhone application enables users to remember every single thing related to their work. Right from taking notes to recording voice reminders, this application helps users to stay organized and improve productivity. The best part is the user can edit and create notes, as well as sync the notes across computers and other devices that they use. One can even email notes and save tweets to Evernote account. 

Tweetbot for Twitter

This full-featured iPhone application for Twitter comes with a finely crafted interface, multiple timelines and smart gestures. It also consists of native push notifications. Its feature, known as mute filters enables users to block messages from other users without unfollowing them. With support for multiple useful services like Pocket, Readability and Cloud App, Tweetbot for Twitter never lets you to miss out on interesting tweets and updates.


With Facebook on your iPhone, it becomes even faster and easier to keep up with your friends. The good thing is Facebook app has eliminated the requirement of substitute social networking apps. Download this app to share photos, updates and interesting videos with your friends. You even get notified when your friends like or comments on your posts. So, get this app to see what your friends are up to.


Among the various useful iPhone applications that you have in your iPhone, Foodspotting must be there. This visual guide to food helps you to find the best eating hubs. Not only this, it even allows you to find the best place for your favorite dish. With Foodspotting in your iPhone, you can discover the best dishes of a place. Since, the launch of this app in January 2010, around 2 millions dishes have been found by its users, and you can keep adding more to the number.


YouTube app for iOS gives you access to all your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more, and in order to access all these, you just need to sign in. Download this app to enjoy YouTube’s vast video catalog, including numerous official music videos. All the interesting videos are right at your fingertips, and you can also share videos easily to Google+, email, Facebook and Twitter.


Instagram is a great iPhone application for all those iPhone users who love to transform their works of arts and then share those amazing photos with their family and friends. Instagram has 100% free, custom designed filters and borders including Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Inkwell, Walden, Toaster, Brannan, etc. With unlimited uploads and instant sharing to networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, and Tumblr, Instagram lets you have a fun time with your photos.


This is the only photo application that makes photograph extraordinary. Its Auto Correct feature allows you to easily adjust photos with a single tap. It has a Tune Image with which you can tweak your photo to perfection. In short, with this incredible digital photography software, you can enhance, transform and share your photos with ease, and you can share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.


Books, newspapers, magazines – Kindle in iPhone gives you the best reading experience. Download this app, visit Amazon and shop the Kindle Store to get the largest selection of books. The best thing about this app is you can make your reading experience better and more legible by customizing its features like choosing the margin size, font size, background color and selecting your desired mode.


Spotify gives music lovers an instant access to millions of songs right from their iPhone and stream music online. One of the greatest features of this app is one can listen to music offline. You can star your favorite tracks, and you can wirelessly sync your own music to iPhone. Another good thing of the app is you can share your favorite tracks with your friends.


If you have too many docs, photos and videos, then get Dropbox in your iPhone, a free service that enables you to save any file you want on this app and makes those files accessible from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even from its official website.

Save photos and videos to Dropbox, and earn up to 3 GB additional space. This app is an excellent one for all those people who need to work a lot with docs and files.


All these applications from different categories can help you to streamline your work and make your daily tasks easier for you. The novice iPhone users would benefit a lot from all these apps. So, if you’re using iPhone for the first time, then do not hesitate to download these extremely useful apps from AppStore.

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