4 Reasons to Invest in App Development

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4 Reasons to Invest in App Development

This blog is for the ambitious, innovative, business minds looking to invest in an entrepreneurial adventure!

With the enormous availability of devices and the inflation of reliability of users, apps are becoming the heartbeat of the majority of businesses, causing the mobile app boom and the establishment of the technology-driven era.

The mobile / web app boom is huge and isn’t willing to end anytime soon!

But before we dig into numbers and facts let’s clarify some concepts first :

What is app development?

Mobile/web app development is a solution-oriented technology that invaded our world with the emergence of early personal digital assistants. Hiking from the appearance of the addictive snake game on the PDA Nokia 6110 to becoming one of the largest industries of all time.

It consists of the process of generating an idea and turning it into a digital solution for mobile and web services.

Most of Mobile App Development Companies offer the following  end to end basis type of apps :

  • Native iOS & android apps
  • Cross-platform & hybrid apps
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Dig deeper for: “Types of mobile app development services

4 Reasons why?

Investing in apps can be your new successful business

It doesn’t matter if you are not coming from an IT background! If you have a good idea, don’t hesitate to turn it into a useful digital solution for the following reasons :

1. Size and growth of the app development  market:

An industry that will never retire!

This is the part where we talk numbers, facts, and roughly why you should invest in app development in the first place!!

It is crazy! It is huge! The world has gone mobile!

According to Statista.com and GSMA intelligence , it is estimated that the number of mobile users will be around 7 billion in 2020 and that the Annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion by 2022. That’s a 45% increase from 178 billion downloads in 2017!

At the growth rate depassing 16% steadily per year, this revolutionary virtual Market is simply one of the fastest-growing markets on mother earth!!

The direct factors behind that unstoppable growth are mainly:

  • Adoption of new technologies.
  • Government funding towards secured centrally connected systems
  • Addiction to an easier digitized lifestyle.

“Is there an app for that?” is the question we ask for every basic effort we have to make nowadays. With every question like this, rises a new lucky money maker with new useful digital solutions.

Experts expect that the global app revenue will double between 2019-2025. The app market will continue to grow and Publishing applications will be the most profitable business ever!

The key is to look for the right service provider. The best IT companies will help you convert your entrepreneur dreams into monetized profitable apps.

2. Apps are multi-way-revenue generators :

We won’t deny the fact that developing an app can be pretty costly, but it is at 100% a worthy investment as it generates revenues in so many ways.

Except for monetized-service apps, like delivery and e-commerce apps, most of the apps are free of cost and the majority of app users, including me, avoid paying for premium services.  So how do those apps generate revenue? Have you ever wondered?

Actually, publishing apps is one of the best ways to earn passive income!  We all know how much app owners can earn, such as Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Millions of mobile apps generate more than $25 billion in revenue each year. It is all through the following ways:

  • Advertizing
  • Subscription
  • Transaction fees
  • Collecting and selling data
  • In-app purchases
  • Referral marketing
  • Physical purchases
  • Selling the app

3. The + impact mobile apps have on  business:

People who are already owning a business, this blog is for you too! Developing an app can not only become your new business but it can also boost your existing one.

Actually The new app mobile-driven era is a blessing for every business regardless of experience and size. Businesses never knew the blooming they know now thanks to the app development industry!

Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of that hard resisting-temptation to tap that “install” button on app/play stores in order to reinforce their sales and customer relations. It goes beyond just branding or launching an app to actually incorporating it into the company’s strategy.

Here are the main benefits of apps for business:

Accelerating business growth and increasing revenues: Nothing can offer convenience to users more than mobile apps. A business that engages  Mobile Apps, has a 100% advantage over a business that doesn’t. It is a game-changer in the business world today.

Increase visibility rate: No market in this world is more crowded than the app market! If your product is on the right shelf, all customers will take a look at it!

Increase customer engagement: What can be more engaging than your 24/7 beloved phone?  Business mobile apps are one of the best ways to save communication time and enable you to immediately share your business updates, features, special offers, promotions, and announcements.

Real-time marketing: Mobile Apps deliver directly your message to your customers. No more delay in your marketing. Apps allow you to integrate digital content, product recommendations, testimonials, and every needed attribute to develop an efficient marketing channel. retaining clients is a core key of consistency for every business and apps work on showing your clients that you care about them and that you are creating an easier “one-click” experience through free vouchers, gift coupons, free membership, upgrades and more.

Mobile commerce:  More than 68% of commerce businesses are relying on mobile apps to sell their products. With easy access and thanks to great inventions like mobile payments, digital wallets, PayPal, etc…Customers are more likely to buy items via mobile apps rather than via websites or far physical stores. companies adopting a mobile app in their business strategy experience an 80% increase in their sales and better branding results.

Real-Time Data Capture:  Data is the key to every business success! Mobile apps make it easier to get important insights about your customer behavior, likes and dislikes that can determine the success and business growth. As it helps you improve your product or service, find their problem, analyze your brand, improve your marketing and so guarantee the growth of your business.

4. Importance of apps in our daily lives :

How many apps do you have on your phone? Aren’t they making your life much easier?

Whether it is social media apps, games, maps, booking, restaurant delivery apps, fitness apps or planners ..etc. Those apps play a major part in nowadays modern life.

The worlds’ needs are increasing day by day so is the number of apps needed to satisfy those needs and eventually so is the number of people willing to invest in developing those apps.

Here are examples of life-changing  apps everyone is so thankful for:

Some  of these apps are literally hunting our world and making it impossible to live  without :

Social networking apps : We are talking about apps that have not only owned a spot on every home screen but also created new jobs, mindsets, and lifestyles.

Free communication apps : Chatting and communicating in pairs or groups have never been easier thanks to such apps! anytime, anywhere and for free!

Mobility apps: I can’t describe how important those kinds of apps are in my life… guess everybody’s lives!

E-commerce apps: Nothing can make your life easier than having your orders at your door within few clicks. Delivery and e-commerce apps are the new must-have facility in everyone’s life.

Gaming and entertaining apps: Apps are made to entertain you too. The number of Entertaining apps downloads is 20% of the total app downloads per year.

In the end

You might be thinking: Yeah, easier said than done!

Mobile Apps are the game-changer in the business world today but what makes it concrete is those 3 tips to keep in mind :

  1. It’s all about the right marketing strategy!
  2. Apps that are useful, they can’t be ignored.
  3. Apps that are so fun and engaging, they can’t be ignored

At the end of this blog, there is nothing else to mention but “the decision is in your hands”.

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