5 Popular Uber-like On-demand Apps of 2021

By Abhishek Amin Apr 23, 2021, 10:12:33 AM , In Mobile Apps
5 Popular Uber-like On-demand Apps of 2021

As the whole world is facing extraordinary times unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic, has fastened the need for on-demand mobile applications. Blessing in disguise? Possibly. Nevertheless, leveraging custom mobile app development services, global businesses including the brick and mortar businesses are opting for on-demand mobile apps. Why? As the majority of the people now prefer to stay at home, they require every needed thing to be delivered at home, be it groceries, education, healthcare, etc. The list can go on and on here.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, small and medium level businesses are looking for survival and on-demand mobile app development is perhaps the only way out. It is also efficient for students and patients to get services while they are at home.

On-demand mobile apps provide hassle-free services to buyers and sellers. Much before the pandemic, a lot of businesses came up with custom on-demand apps and succeed. In this blog, we will look at some of the best on-demand applications that have transformed the lives of people, only with a few taps on smartphones. 

Top Uber-like On-demand Applications

1. Doctor On Demand: Virtual Care Over Consultation Services

Perhaps the most important solution right now in the times of Covid, where patients prefer not to travel to the doctors or wait in the queue and can avail expert consultation in time while staying indoors. It also helps doctors to work with maximum efficiency to treat and consult with more patients. 

In the Covid pandemic, this on-demand virtual care/consulting platform has been a blessing to treat patients at the initial level of the diseases. The platform includes a list of certified doctors and therapists with whom users can connect via smartphones or tablets for online video or audio consultation. 

The concept is not limited to healthcare services only. The fitness industry can also come up with a similar on-demand application platform with custom modifications as per the requirements. The on-demand doctor application is all about convenience, flexibility, and time-saving for both, doctors as well as patients.

2. UberEats: On-demand Food Delivery

Uber has been one of the most inspiring platforms around. Initiated with on-demand taxi booking solutions, it expanded to provide an online food delivery business that has already got the attention of foodies around the world. 

Combined with what it had already, Uber came up with the concept of UberEATS, an online food ordering platform. Food gets delivered via Uber drivers and it has received global  acknowledgment for its efficient services. It gave an instant opportunity for the restaurant businesses to have an online presence and growth in revenues.

This on-demand food ordering platform enables customers to have a wide variety of food options from any city’s best restaurants, depending on the location of users to get the food delivered at the doorsteps. Reports of Morgan Stanley estimate that the on-demand food delivery segment is set to see a rise by 11% by the end of 2022. A lot of popular apps like Zomato, Swiggy in India are pretty much inspired by the Uber concept and are delivering millions of orders to the people in need on the daily basis.

3. Instacart: On-demand Grocery Ordering and Delivery

Founded in 2012, Instacart completely transformed the grocery industry and has seen its valuation risen from $220 million – $2billion as we speak. It enables customers to order fresh groceries via smartphones and can opt for home delivery or a pickup from the nearest supermarket or a grocery store. Again, a blissful solution for a situation we all are facing now, right?

What could be better than such a solution to shop groceries from the safety of your home and get them delivered quickly! Moreover, a range of options to select from the menu, coupon codes, discounts, digital payments, etc. A grocery app for your individual business or building a marketplace for groceries is set to become popular as lives are getting busier as time passes by.

4. Ola: On-demand Ride-Hailing App

Talking about the pandemic, still, the vast majority of the people are avoiding the means of public transportation. This is where on-demand ride-hailing services can be handy. A lot of fleet companies and private vehicle owners have registered to this amazing platform and as a result, Ola has now 300,000+ vehicles in 100+ cities in India. Taxi booking app development is a wise concept to invest in given the results of Uber and Ola.

The app itself is quite user-friendly where users have to enter the destination, pickup location, and select the vehicle model for the travel. A fare estimation calculator will immediately pop up too for the selected vehicle. The divers and users track the journey with map integration in real-time with ETA and route optimization features. Users can pay the fare via multi-optional payment modes and give reviews/ratings about their experience.

5. Genext Tutors: Get Private Home Tuition Jobs

It has been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic and schools, colleges still remain shut in the majority of the countries. Yes, online learning via platforms like Zoom and Google Meet are accessible and used by many. But what about the people who are looking for job opportunities in teaching? Genext is one such on-demand platform that gives opportunities to people interested in becoming tutors.

The revolutionary application allows the tutors to register to the platform, create a profile, explore, and connect with the parents as well as students in the selected area, seeking private home tuitions. A range of features can be provided with this on-demand mobile app, such as managing students’ profiles, generating assignments, tests, exams, parent reporting, calendar management, reward points, etc.

Why Invest in an On-demand App Platform?

The trend of utilizing on-demand services has already proven to be a huge success for investors, clients, and startup owners. Traits of on-demand app platforms like accuracy, speed, quality, and consumer loyalty are shaping up the on-demand economy. There is no better time than this to invest and provide services that you think, people in your area need.

Benefits of On-demand Applications

  • Tailor-made app development as per the business requirements
  • Scalable architecture
  • Cost-effective with handsome ROI
  • Highly engaging leveraging user-friendly UI/UX app design
  • Secure, robust, capable to handle large traffic and data

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