7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an iPhone App in 2012

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 11:34:26 AM , In Mobile Apps
7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an iPhone App in 2012

Whether you run a small business, or whether you are managing a large organization, you cannot afford to ignore the power of iPhone apps. With over 100 millions devices out there in the market, iPhone has become a force to reckon with. On top of this, an average iPhone user prefers to surf the internet using his/her mobile. Every hour, millions of potential clients and customers are trying to find you on their iPhone. Are you there to catch their attention?

Your business can not thrive on a strong web presence alone: you need an iPhone app that makes it easier for tech-savvy users to find and use your services and products. By developing a custom iPhone app that is built keeping in mind your business goals, you can simplify your business processes and augment your revenue generation efforts. iPhone apps can help you strengthen your brand value, and they can also trigger a substantial increase in your sales. Here are seven good reasons why you must have an iPhone app of your own!

1. Moving along with times: The emergence of internet made it imperative for business to build websites. Whenever a potential customer, client or business associate hears about you, he checks out your website to find out more about you. The rapid growth of iPhone and application development is creating a similar situation. Smart-phone users frequently ask the question “Do you have an app for that?” If your answer is ‘no’ and your competitor says ‘yes’, you know that you have lost a potential customer. This trend is bound to continue, and you need an app if you do not want to be left behind the times.

2. Killer Brand Promotion: At the first glance, building an app for brand promotion may seem to be a rather costly proposition. But when you compare it to other methods of branding, you will be surprised by the high ROI iPhone apps offer. The reason is that a single app can bring your business to the notice of hundreds of thousands of tech-savvy users who love to try out new things. You app logo and you name will be instantly recognizable to thousands of people who had previously never heard about you!

3. Build Brand Loyalty: Once your app is available on the app store, it is possible for any of your customers to download it. This ensures that you are never out of their sight. The constant reminder of your presence on their smart-phone, and the consequent sales, help you to build a strong relationship with your customers. This strategy helps increase your brand recall, and if you provide excellent services, it inspires brand loyalty.

4. Better Customer Experience: By providing your customers with an app that lets them locate your closest outlets, find out about your different pricing options, check out all your products, and access your troubleshooting guides and manuals, you can reduce the time spent on customer care, and at the same time provide better services to your customers.

5. Increased Sales: If your app lives in the iPhone of your customer, chances are they will remember you when they want to buy something. You app ensures that potential customers are just one small tap away from contacting you and buying our products. A customized app makes it possible for users to call you, mail you, or directly buy your products. You can use the same app to apprise customers of deals, discounts and other events, thereby enticing them to buy your services and products.

6. Entertain and win hearts: iPhone users make it a habit to whip out their beloved iPhone while there are waiting in lines or waiting for someone. There is a strong chance that they will tap your app and browse your store. If you make your app create and innovative, if you make an app that entertains the users, you will make a place in the hearts and mind of your customers.

7. Stand Out: For traditional business (both small and large), there is a possibility of getting the first mover advantage by developing an iPhone app. While most business have a website, not many have iPhone apps. By creating an engaging iPhone app that reflects the personality of your business, you can get the first-mover advantage in the world of iPhone users. An iPhone app will make you stand apart from the competition, and help you find favor with the growing number of iPhone users.

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