A Feature Rich iPhone OS 4.0- Unveiled

By admin Apr 21, 2010, 12:18:49 PM , In Mobile Apps

Finally Apple has come up with the source for multi-tasking for iPhone as well. The new iPhone OS 4.0 has made it possible to iPhone to render the service that was missing in the previous versions and has given iPhone Application development a new definition. Not only this, it comes with a huge list of features that are sure to make it a very useful and going to make big in the market. So lets see all the features this one has in some detail in the article.


The much criticized and talked about multi-tasking is finally possible with iPhone. This has been made possible with seven main services that are audio, VoIP, location, push notifications, local notifications, task completion and fast app switching that are under the umbrella of tasking together.

The audio can still be played if you are browsing on the net or doing something else. VoIP calls can be received even when working on some other app and while the phone is locked. Navigational apps can still let you know the location even when you are working or listening to music. You will keep getting the alerts from remote servers even when the app is not working, and some of the applications will finish the task and then only shut down even when the phone is switched off

Fast App Switching

The apps are not actually running in the background in the OS 4.0 but they get totally frozen when they are switched from one to another and thus when you switch back to them they restart exactly at the same point they were left at. This allows for a faster switching.

Apps Folder

Easy to create folder options. Drag one icon of the application to another one and a folder is automatically created. The name of the folder is named on the basis of the category the apps come from.

A New Mail app

Unified inboxes, multiple Exchange accounts, fast inbox switching, threaded messages are all possible now.


This is interesting. What we saw with the iPad is now also available with the iPhone, easier to carry it around wherever you go. The eBook store feature has been included in this latest version.

Game Center

Games go interactive. iPhone OS 4.0 lets you share your game scores, achievements, invite others to join you in a multiplayer games and a lot more. Apple is going to launch a centralized gaming service by the end of this year like the kinds of Xbox Live of PSN where you can connect games to one another.

iAD Advertising

Another interesting feature that allows for more convenience for the users. Instead of gong out of the application from the links that take you to the site of the ads, now you can see the ads right there within the apps. You can watch videos, play games, and even buy apps from within these ads. Its not included in the main OS 4 explicitly but is a part of the iPhone SDK. So you will only be able to see this till the end of this year.

This is not it, there is a 5X digital zoom, Bluetooth keyboard, custom backgrounds and as much as 1500 APIs to lay your hands on to further customize your iPhone according to the way you like it.

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