All that Developers Need to Know about Android-M

By admin Feb 6, 2021, 10:07:18 AM , In Mobile Apps
All that Developers Need to Know about Android-M

When it comes to enhanced user experience, Google’s most robust OS release ever, Android-M (Marshmallow) seems unbeatable. It focuses on both stability and security while addressing all the requirements for increasing speed and improving battery life. Marshmallow boasts a plethora of new features including Fingerprint Authorization and Doze.

Here is a glimpse of the top features that every Android developer should know to come up with a better integration in the apps:

Fingerprint Authorization

Google intensely worked on ‘password-free’ mobile experience, and Marshmallow is the ultimate result of its dedicated efforts. Android-M has a fingerprint API that enables users to get rid of remembering passwords of their devices. The feature allows users to navigate securely in the Play Store and even in apps without passwords.

Developers can create unified apps that require fingerprint security for authorization and payments through native fingerprint support. In future, when Android Pay and some other touch-free mobile payment systems will be launched, they will rely on fingerprint scanners for authentication, and Marshmallow is all set to handle them.

Customized App Permission

Google has changed the trend of requiring app permissions before installation with Marshmallow. It is a big leap toward enhancing user experience as it will give users a clear idea about apps’ role in the background. Developers need to be more selective and responsible while integrating app permissions for their apps now onward. Developers can only add the app permissions that are highly essential. In a way, Google offers a smoother user experience now onward.

Android Pay

Android phone’s NFC chip enables users to purchase everything from participating stores through mobiles. Google’s original mobile payment app was Google Wallet, which is now improved a lot to facilitate payments between friends and some merchants. Developers can make apps with the integration of Android Pay to entice users.

Google Now on Tap

Google’s virtual assistant ‘Google Now’ is enhanced a lot to offer weather updates, news, travel reminders and much more on mobiles. It is fair to mention that Marshmallow’s latest feature “Now on Tap” takes ‘Google Now’ to the next level and improves the overall search experience. In addition to that, the feature helps users get information just by pressing ‘Home’ button.


Users tend to give more importance to battery life while using smartphones for almost all daily activities. Doze feature in Marshmallow effectively addresses battery life problems. It will switch idle apps to an off state to save battery life. The feature allows alarms and key notification, and therefore, we cannot say that the device is nonfunctional while it is in ‘Doze’ mode. Developers need to keep in mind that apps won’t be updated if the smartphone is in ‘Doze’ mode.


Google has come forward with user-friendly features and functionality in Android-M. Android developers are ready to implement them in a way that gives all the benefits of Marshmallow OS to the users. We can conclude that these features will enable developers to scale new heights in app development through establishing better communication between apps.

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