All you need to know about On-demand appointment booking apps

By Rania Aug 26, 2021, 10:44:57 AM , In Mobile Apps
All you need to know about On-demand appointment booking apps

Appointments were never easy to manage, it’s a stressful task. They need to be up-to-the-minute because clients/patients can book, reschedule or cancel an appointment which means every time it happens, which is often, the timetable needs to be updated, and one mistake could mess up the whole schedule. And that’s just one issue! The list continues with reminders, updates, and offers, that the client/patient needs to be aware of.

The only solution that could fix all the mentioned issues is On-demand appointment booking Mobile Apps.  

Technologies we used to develop on-demand booking Apps

For Android app development

Programming Languages: 

Kotlin: created by developers precisely for Android app development, it allows using Java Virtual machine at the same time.

Java: the most popular language choice for building great UI designs with the shortest codes and built-in libraries and make users’ experience marvelous.

UI Frameworks: 

Jetpack Compose: in addition to the pre-built Android UI software, JC is another UI kit used for developing native Android UI designs with less code, and it introduces intuitive Kotlin APIs.

Development tools:

Android Studio & ADT (Android Development Tools): the first tool is powered by Google and the official platform. It provides user-friendly UI/UX designs for high-quality apps, plus a great variety of features. The second tool offers a graphical UI builder and a powerful package of features.

For IOS app development

Programming Languages:

Swift: comparatively a new language, much less code with fewer mistakes, preferred by developers for its speed and simplicity.

Objective-C: a primary programming language used for building IOS apps. It offers object-oriented capabilities and dynamic typing and binding.

UI Frameworks: 

SwiftUI: the best choice for building great UI designs with the shortest codes and make users’ experience marvelous.

Development tools:

Xcode: comparatively a new language used to build native IOS apps. It’s preferred by developers for its speed and simplicity, much less code with fewer mistakes, plus offering all the functions needed for UI designs and testing.

For Hybrid app development (support both IOS & Android):

Ionic: with unique features, Ionic is the ideal choice for software development, including CSS and HTML5. It has pre-made components and tools that offer great capabilities in app development.  

For Cross-Platforms (support both IOS & Android):

Xamarin: it offers a limited free package of functionalities and other paid features. It provides a complete toolkit plus access to the native APIs.

Flutter: a new Google-powered tool, known for its smooth and quick performance thanks to its built-in widgets.

React Native: being the combination of the best of native and React, this tool is the best-in-class JavaScript library for UI designs. It’s quick and simple yet highly functional. 

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The perks of developing an On-demand Appointment Booking App

With the availability of mobile app development, it doesn’t make sense to stick to the old ways of manually managing appointments with Excel sheets, it would only increase the rate of errors, leading to some serious issues and a messed-up schedule. Why not make it easier and let the app handle the job of booking?

Let’s not forget, that apps are more secure and accessible to patients. Instead of phone calls and conversations or the hours of waiting that we would all like to avoid, anyone could access his scheduled appointments anytime he wants and check service availability that suits his needs. And no need to worry about data, with the cloud-based integration, it could be stored permanently and retrieved anytime needed for those granted permission to access.

With a well-organized timetable and a user-friendly app, the usually annoying process of booking is less stressful for clients and patients which would encourage them to become loyal clients, hence automating the scheduling process helps with marketing, eliminates human errors, saves a valuable amount of money and time, and the wasted administration workforce. 

Another perk, the app offers is an online payment confirmation feature. Payment is easier to do online, according to clients it’s even more comfortable than paying with cash. As for the healthcare industry, the app could even estimate the medical fee which patients feel grateful for.

Top 3 On-demand Appointment Booking Apps in the market in 2021

Zoho Bookings

It’s an online booking app, it’s famous for letting customers self-schedule and pay while also making sure your own schedule is in sync, which eliminates double booking, payment delaying, and unnecessary emails.

Acuity Scheduling

It focuses on the healthcare industry, its strength is that customers are supported through Acuity Certified experts.


It helps you get rid of the never-ending notifications related to scheduling, it’s a great option for bigger businesses since it helps them turn more prospects into leads. 

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