Android Apps Made Me Feel Like Million Dollars

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 10:28:23 AM , In Mobile Apps

It was Sunday morning and as usual I made it late by waking up in the Noon. Responding to a cacophonic knock, I opened the door. I checked and collect three things from the post- a newspaper, bank account papers and a magazine. I came back to my room, sat down on the chair, and opened the front page of the paper. Certainly I started thinking about the technology advancement as read technology stuff in the headlines. Gosh… I cursed myself one more time for my small earning refraining me to get a smartphone, the one that I always craved for –iPhone.

Google Android is more Affordable

Always, I’ve heard many things about the design and functionality of this wonderful device. While turning to the second page, one insertion of leaflet flicked down on the floor from the newspaper. It showed a smartphone device that appeared similar to my dream device, the iPhone and at bottom, an Android software logo indicating the best operating system ever by graphical and text presentation.

Tempted enough by the event, I straightly went to my desk and started my computer system to search Android smartphone and Android apps store. What I found in the first page of the Google search really opened my eyes and changed my mind about having an Apple iPhone. It was two year long wait that was about to end. I found a fascinating article that made eyeballs glance at the record breaking Android Device sale. Furthermore, I came to know that Android sets a record of 10 billion Android apps download. I got amazed by viewing the record breaking fact on the Android blog post.

One thing I learned that morning for sure. Owning this super gadget is not a pretty big sum! I felt quite up to it. Though I was bit concerned about its cost, the cost of smartphone and also downloading best android apps. I picked up my mobile and called to the smartphone store. I got the quote for the Android enabled smartphone from the retail store near to my place. I was wonderstruck learning the price and costs of having applications. It was completely within my budget and undoubtedly it made me felt like Million Dollars.

Wow…..I went on my way imagining a smartphone in my pocket that is based on Android, the happening thing these days. The possibilities were unlimited with free android apps on the web. Surely, I could not get iPhone –the one with Siri and other advanced functionality but, of course I got the one that is not less than my dream device. And not to forget, it fits in my budget!

Hiya folks… what are you waiting for? Get an incredible Android smart-phone, and get all the advanced functionality to process various task through.

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