Android Follows Apple’s Footsteps by Introducing a “Find My Device” Feature

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 11:26:57 AM , In Mobile Apps
Android Follows Apple’s Footsteps by  Introducing a “Find My Device” Feature
Find my Android device

Find my Android device

Neglectful and unlucky Android and tablet users will be more than pleased to hear that their lost or stolen devices will now be traceable with a free service very similar to Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature. The service is called Android Device Manager, which was announced by Google in a blog post this Friday.

The company also stated that the app will help locate your phone or tablet, whether it’s in the dining room or at the club you were hanging out at last night. Once your smartphone has been registered, you can log in to the service, and it will immediately show you the current location or the last known position of your smartphone or tablet on a map. If it’s somewhere in the vicinity, you can make it ring at a maximum volume, even if the device is on silent or vibrate mode. If it’s too far off, then at least you know where it’s located.

If due to any circumstance, the device has been stolen or cannot be traced, you can simply erase all your personal data before someone else gets their hands on your financial records or your inventories. The new service will be available on the Internet later this month, only for devices working on the Android 2.2 or higher; users must log into their Google account to avail the service. Android had also announced that they will also develop an app for on-the-go sleuthing, which will be available soon.

While some Android developers have manufactured their own version of ‘Find my iPhone” to bridge the gap, this is the platforms first official release of such an app. This is a great advantage for the Android users as you don’t even have to install it on your smartphone to locate your device if it goes missing.

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