Android Game Development – Using Game Based Apps For Advertising and Promotions

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 1:21:13 PM , In Mobile Apps

During our childhood years we love to play games no matter how the adverse climate it is, our games were more important. The same basic instinct works in adults they spare some time in gaming during their busy schedule. Handset is the best device that provides this facilities. That’s why game is an integral part of mobile application development services.

It is true that iPhone has large numbers of games available on Apple store but it is some what costly affairs because for an application you are to pay $99 annually while on Android platform you will end up with just $25 for once only. This is the greatest advantage with Android game development. There are more than 10,000 apps are available on Android platform among them various games are available for the Android users. They can download their choice of Android game application and start enjoying the game.

This game mania is best utilized by advertising and promotions companies. They have Android game development for their campaign. According to recent survey Over 550 businesses and schools have used a scavenger game application available on iPhone and Android mobile devices to drive and enhance their advertising and promotions.

The SCVNGR android application development platform includes notable users such as the Boston Celtics, Boston Globe, New England Patriots, Journeys, The New York Times, Universal Music Canada, Warner Bros, as well as colleges and universities including Princeton. Using mobile games as a platform for ads and promotions is one of the latest trends in consumer engagement, especially the millennial generation that grew up on video gaming.

The essence of the SCVNGR platform is three interconnecting elements: Challenges, which are things to do at places; Treks, which connect places and challenges; and Rewards, that offer benefits for playing. Player earn points in challenges. Telling your friends where you are is worth two points and provides the content about the location like photo is worth two points. Therefore, the database of this platform includes already over 20 millions locations. You can directing trek to a specific location with advertising and promotions opportunities along the journey and at the destination, through utilizing consumer experiences and users generated content that involves brand at challenges and trek. Reward can be tied with photo opportunities and further promotions.

As well, by involving your customers in an experience they will remember and associate with your product, you are creating a positive top of mind recall event that will be hard to match through conventional ads or promotional opportunities.

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