Apple comes with a bang with thinner tab and larger Mac

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Apple comes with a bang with thinner tab and larger Mac

Apple launched its thinnest ever iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 along with the latest version of iMac PCwith retina display. Though iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 images leaked on iTunes, people still wentcrazy knowingthe features of the gadgets. The immense interest of people reflects the dominance of Apple as a brand in the technology world.

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All three products are rich in features, but, especially iPad Air 2 sought more attention with its extra-ordinary features that made it a star tablet.

New iPad Air 2 is the outcome of innovative thinking and smart execution of technology. Let’s have a glimpse of its features.

Surprisingly thin, extremely light-weight

With just 6.1 mm thinness, iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than iPad 2. The sharpness of the device stunned the lookers. After all, it is thinner than a pencil!

The tab weighs 0.96 pound only, which may not give feeling of heavy handling!

Better resolution, wider display

  • With 9.7 inch display, you get a better resolution in iPad Air 2.
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  • Redesigning of retina display provides a better view with vivid colors and greater contrast.
  • With an anti-reflective coating, iPad Air 2 is a tablet with the least reflective display in the world. Apple takes care of your eyes!

Power packed tablet that never lets you down

With a new chip A8X, iPad Air 2 provides a powerful combination of power and power efficiency.

  • You feel like a desktop in your hand with 64-bit architecture.
  • With 10-hour battery life, there’s no need to stop sharing, surfing or playing!

Get a new identity with unique Touch ID

  • With this astonishing technology, you can unlock your iPad Air 2, and also shop everything without worrying about security. Your fingerprint is your password!
  • Touch ID comes with iPad Mini 3 as well.

ipad air 2

The sharpness and high resolution of photos make them alive and you can live those moments one more time.And, that’s not all! Avail more features by using it.

New iMac with retina 5k display is another milestone set by Apple.


  • You never miss any detail with 14.7 million pixels and 27-inch display.
  • iMac with Retina1

  • The most powerful iMac with 4GHz Intel i7 processor and speed up to 20 Gbps with Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth.
  • Finally, it comes with OS X Yosemite, which is the most advanced desktop OS of the world.

Think what you can do with it?

Use of productslike iPad Air 2 and iMac Retina, you get many answers for this question. Whatever you think of your personal or professional use, you can do with this most advanced tab and PC.

The prices for all 3 products are shown here.

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