Apple Eases App Size Limits

By admin Mar 11, 2012, 4:57:49 AM , In Mobile Apps
Apple Eases App Size Limits

Apple Increases App Store Limits to 50 MBRecently, Apple increased the size limit of apps that can be downloaded from its App Store over mobile networks. This tidbit followed the launch of the new iPad device that features an improved screen, and was definitely worth noting. The imposed limit over the file size was 20 MB and the bigger titles were only available via Wi-Fi. The file size has now increased to 50 MB and enables support for products with improved graphics.

In order to take full advantage of the new crisp screen with high-resolution graphics and retina display, the developers certainly need to create applications with larger images, which in turn would increase the file size. Such larger files would surely cause problems as their downloading would result into network congestion. In this scenario, the ease of size limit has come as relief to both users and iOS developers.

This gives another benefit to the users, especially when they are on move. This app size limit will enable users to make “impulse purchases” while they are on the move, rather than requiring them to find an alternative network connection. However, the mobile connectivity is still a limitation for large files since they’ll take some time to download over a congested 3G network.

Although, there has been some concern with the device’s HD capability, users might be tempted to download more high-quality content, eating through their included data allowances.

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