Best iPhone Applications an American Should Prefer

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 10:30:35 AM , In Mobile Apps

Before we begin discussing what best iPhone applications an American should prefer, let’s know the fact about the American culture. Though the culture of the US roots in European cultures, the country paved its own way and managed to get a different identity today. The characteristics of social habits, music & art, cuisine, folklore are unique in the United States. Best iPhone apps, just like in other sectors, can make things easier and better in an American’s life. But then what are those best iPhone apps, why should a citizen of the US should prefer it? This is indeed a million dollar question.

Americans may take things as a duck takes to water but they are peculiar about their lifestyles. On the other hand there are many researches revealing modern day lifestyle that brings a lot of hazards to Americans but as just discussed, it’s pretty big sum to change it. They are fond of cooking, outing, clothing differently, stylish hairdos and many more. But here we’ll talk about top possible iPhone applications in the US, for the US.

Americans’ Best iPhone Applications –Useful, enjoyable and benefiting

A Food Warner: A personal food and diet adviser. This is something essential for every other American. The application that can tell about the calorie content and nutritional facts of the dish can make the difference. The person may feed the vital data (including blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose) that smartphone will compare with the food scanned. If the food contains alarming figure, the phone should advise the user not to eat! How’s that??

A Rapid Reporter: For news and updates. An average American is conscious about their rights and is interested knowing whereabouts of others. Don’t forget Wall Street Protest that went viral to other countries and almost touched revolution. iPhone applications list for American should have the latest news updates preferably with live streaming.

Entertainformer: It’s entertainment informer. iPhone applications’ best use could be in knowing the theater or movie show of American’s interest. You can just fill your favorite actor, director or an artist with your hometown. The user does not need to bother digging deep into the newspapers to find their favorite shows. When the update of any play in the city happens, the smartphone should match the choice of the user and pop up an event informing the show timing and venue.

Hung on Habits: A habit cutter. Every American deserves to be as fit as a fiddle.  The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately half a million Americans die due to smoking tobacco. A sage advice is new iPhone apps can have the smoke detector and should warn the user when he lit a cigarette. The smartphone should further be smart enough to limit its range of detecting.

Not to forget that these are just a few that came into my mind. There could be many the citizen of the United States actually needs. I heartily welcome feedback and suggestions in regard to the same.

I’m a babe in the woods when it comes to latest iPhone apps and hence not sure about these applications on current iPhones in the market. Maybe, this may come as new features in iPhone 5 apps downloadable at will. Alternatively, you can also hire iPhone developer in US for such customized applications.

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