Cloud Based Gaming – A Profitable Change in the Trend of Game Development

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Cloud Based Gaming – A Profitable Change in the Trend of Game Development

The year of 2013 came with a pretty great endorsement for the cloud when it comes to game. With cloud-based systems greasing the gears, users no longer require to install complicated software on their phone to run their desired gaming application. A new fashion of Game-as-a-Service (GaaS), provide a profitable platform for businesses as well as users to get quality games at much less price. Both, in terms of market and game development cost, cloud-based games avail necessary requirement and are a profitable change in the trend of game development. And there is no doubt that in the coming year, every game will be accessed through cloud.

Cloud based mobile gaming

Cloud based mobile gaming

Many enterprises have already started designing and developing games on cloud. Cloud-based game is a predominant way for businesses to avail wireless gaming services among their employees. With gamification being an essential part for enterprises, they find cloud-based gaming platform an effortless and affordable business-profit tool.

Benefits of Cloud Based Mobile Game development are Sweet

Game industry is evolving to the changing digital landscape-always on fast connection, device compatibility and higher player volume. To sustain the business on game, games have to make more money that they cost for development and operation. Employing cloud-based model into business will ultimately help in meeting conventional game development and marketing constraints.

It is Cost-Effective

With a lot of platforms for mobile, cloud is the cost-effective and easy tool to build and operate games. With the whole plethora of open consoles appearing in the market, business may require to work on more than 15 different versions of the same game. In this case, it makes complete sense to move game logic that happens in the client and transfer it on single server that interfaces with them all.

Certainly, there are lots of other ways to minimize the overhead of the versioning. Business can use source control systems like Git and game engines like Unity that allow you to write once and run across devices. These will surely work, but combined with other key reasons moving game logic to cloud is more beneficial. This is just an architectural swing towards multi-tiered systems.

Brings More Returns

Running game as GaaS, you are now placing your business in building volume of audience and money. Game industry changes very rapidly, and it is very hard to know what will exactly work in that circumstance.  Whether to go for Freemium or Premium businesses often face the dilemma of choosing the right model. Cloud-based game system allows you to play a lot with these models.

It allows businesses to mount the game on cloud, understand player preferences, their buying habits and be responsive to their needs. With player management, in-game and storefront management, content management and analytics, cloud provides easy way to manage and response your players. This ultimately boosts your player volume and revenue.

In-Game Selling can be More Effective

Businesses are great fan of Free-2-Play gaming model for variety of reasons. And to embrace it well in business, you need be an expert at selling. For this first thing you need are a great game idea and a source of funding. Second thing you need is a good hold at retail theory and a system in place to support you. The first part is easy, but second seems a bit complicated. You not only need the essentials of gaming eCommerce system, but have to be successful in installing games on different platforms.

Running game on different platforms require flexibility to change the gaming essentials dynamically on the fly. It is impossible task to get all of this right up front which is why your games need cloud-based system. Including player management and dynamic game modification, cloud avail businesses with more effective in-game selling. Businesses just need to get it right.

Ease of scalability

Cloud comes into action to make the game scalability simple, and some of the cases cloud makes the entire thing commercially maintained. For server-based game, to make the game successful it requires to scale the back end services appropriately to meet expected player volumes. It is hard to predict and it make no sense in provisioning the large infrastructure without conviction. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings remove this encumber and assist businesses in launching the game in minimal infrastructure and then burst or scale as appropriate. But, be aware using IaaS service from third party requires know-how too.

Moreover, the cloud games are managed and maintained by separate and secured cloud servers. Streaming video games from web will be just as easy as streaming other media. Servers encode each frame instantly and stream the result to the device. Hence, they make it easy for users as well as businesses to access and enjoy the content from cloud.


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