Enterprise Mobility – Device Management & Compliance

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Enterprise Mobility – Device Management & Compliance

Mobile devices are expanding in enterprises at a very high rate. With new advances in technology and modern operating systems available, businesses are facing mobile management challenges. By acquiring corporate data from a mobile device, there can be a significant threat to corporate security.

In order to merge mobile devices in enterprises, organizations must look to put out mobile platforms and should also consider implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This system allows IT administrators a more thorough control over the devices within the company.

Enterprise mobility -device management and compliance

Enterprise mobility -device management and compliance

The prevalent operating systems like the iOS and Android do not have in built systems capable of handling an enterprise. Although the iOS has a stronger security suite, it is not suitable for the enterprise level. The operating system cannot install anti-virus software, firewall, and encryption of data as the iOS does not support the above mentioned features.

There are various ways an enterprise can offer security for the security of this management system. An organization can implement an in-house or a third party mobile device management system; there are generally four components that MDM addresses at a minimum.

Execution of security management

It is necessary to protect your device from malicious applications, websites and other threats. An application should be installed to scan all the new applications that have been installed onto the device. Some of the other security needs may include

  • Encryption of data that can only be accessed by the employees of the enterprise
  • Utilization of firewall, and other anti-virus software to regularly check on the device.
  • Proper auditing and tracking of the data running through the organization
  • An enhanced and fast system that can monitor through the organization, and should be able to communicate effectively.

Enforcement of Device Compliance

The central tools required for management of enterprise mobile devices is not just monitoring data, but also to identify breaches and infringements. When a violation is detected, enforcement is the next step.

  • There should be proper conduction of regular compliance checks to protect the companies data
  • Set up compliance criteria for each device, and make sure only those devices get full access.
  • Proper management of network that even provides roaming options

Software management

The enterprise has to provide its employees with the applications they require to carry out their work.

  • Distribution of apps to the individual users, or groups in a secure manner
  • Proper support for updating the application whenever required
  • Should be able to restore and back up the data that has been stored in the app
  • The system must also be in a position to blacklist apps that might be a threat or a waste of time

Hardware management

The hardware provided by the company is generally sufficient with the latest user friendly technologies that have been developed. However, managing the device is another issue that has to be looked over.

  • Disable hardware functions like the microphone, camera, GPS etc.
  • Deny the use of external memory on the device
  • Customize the device so that it meets the requirements of the enterprise, and should not possess unnecessary apps.

Most of the enterprises and organizations have already started to deploy alternative mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to enhance the productivity and growth of the company. Business leaders will look more and more towards the optimum utilization of these devices for the enterprise.

The highly enhanced operating systems drive the enterprises and make them consider using tablets and Android smartphones which are flexible, and have the perfect cost effective system for enterprise deployment. It has rapidly grown from its infancy to become a fixed base, and will continue to improve.

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