Everything you need to know about Flutter 2.0

By Rania May 7, 2021, 1:45:49 PM , In Mobile Apps
Everything you need to know about Flutter 2.0

The huge announcement that excited us all,  3rd March 2020, Flutter 2.0 another milestone in the cross-platform rapid development! There is a to mention when we talk about this exceptional launch event named “Flutter Engage” 

This blog is everything you need to know about Flutter 2.0  new updates! 

What is Flutter 2.0? 

Flutter 2.0  is an update of Flutter an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used for mobile app development services for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. 

What’s new about it? 

Flutter 2.0 is a more extended and inclusive version update that offers services for mac, windows, Linux mobile app development and which developers can for web app development as well.

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Here are the most interesting features coming with Flutter 2.0 

Sound Null Safety

A smart addition to the Dart language allowing developers to easily distinguish non-nullable from nullable variables and avoid unnecessary null checks. No worries about the existing packages that don’t work with null safety the majority will be converted 

Web platforms  support 

Web support is a powerful addition allowing developers to build apps on web platforms and save time by reusing codes. It also allows them to develop interactive web applications and use APIs for building flexible & interactive 2D & 3D graphics.

It is all thanks to shifting in the  Flutter approach from document document-centric to the app-centric framework based on HTML renderer and  Canvas-Kit renderer. 

Stronger iOS support 

Flutter 2.0 version comes with a notable improvement of iOS support with a lot of renovated iOS features and new iOS widgets in the Cupertino design language implementation. 

 The 2.0 version has 178PRs out of 17039 PRs iOS related with 23495 PRs with a State Restoration to iOS and 67781 PRs enabling the direct development of  IPA without opening Xcode.

Stable reach Desktop

This feature isn’t yet finalized but will be in function soon so we will sure introduce it: 

Flutter is now available on Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) on stable enabling the offer of native-like experience and the smoother resizing for macOS and Windows as the new Desktop support comes along with the required whole new category of widgets and input mechanics


The new FlutterDevTool will enable Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and AndroidStudio to help developers with debugging by checking for exceptions. 

Native Google Mobile Ads

The  Google Mobile Ads SDK beta version helps developers include native ads and inline banners with the existing overlay formats and easily customize ads with  Admob and Ad Manager.

New widgets access:  Autocomplete and ScaffoldMessenger

Now that access to autocomplete and Scaffold messenger is granted, auto-complete features can be included in Flutter-built native apps and SnackBar can be created between the Scaffold transitions.

Reusable codes with App to App feature 

Flutter’s App- to-App feature allows the saving of native codes and  the execution of the same codes for Android and iOS mobile app development. 

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I hope this blog was helpful!

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