Five Reasons Why Enterprises Require Mobile Strategy

By admin May 5, 2015, 10:04:50 AM , In Mobile Apps
Five Reasons Why Enterprises Require Mobile Strategy

Everywhere computing and Internet of Things (IoT) stand strong at the top positions in Gartner’s list of top 10 strategic technology trends for 2015. As businesses across the world have entered the era of wireless and IoT, businesspersonsneed to adapt both of them for expanding their businesses by making them more customer-friendly and flexible.

On one hand, the computing everywhere concept indicates the worldwide penetration of smartphones. On the other hand, IoT shows that the Internet witnesses paradigm shift from desktop to handheld devices. Entrepreneurs require the robust enterprise mobile strategy to leverage the benefits of such megatrends through a revolutionary mobile technology.

Why do companies need to embrace mobility?

As per one survey, there will be more than one mobile device per person by 2017, as the number of smart devices will cross 10 billion units across the globe by then.

In order to keep pace with smart devices’ proliferation, companies need to embrace the enterprise mobility trend and also BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. Mobility is a demand of time for making business operations more agile and effective. Nowadays, mobility is no longer known as a concept that offers enterprises a competitive edge, but, is known as a necessity to remain in competition.

Why do companies require mobile strategy?

Even if companies have adapted mobility and BYOD concept, it is not necessary that they will get the optimum results from them in the future. The efficient mobile strategy works out such problem and enables enterprises to reap the fruits of them in terms of sustained business growth and seamless business operations.

Data sharing and management play a vital role in ensuring the success of any company. Successful implementation of mobile strategy enables companies to do the same in a way that both consumers and employees instantly get the necessary information on the move. Apart from this, following list contains some of the points that show the importance of enterprise mobile strategy:

  • End-to-end solutions: It offers customized enterprise mobility solutions ranging from the discovery of new business areas to include in mobility to planning of mobile experience for both employees and the end users.
  • Back-end system integration: For engaging mobile apps, content and context both are necessary. When it comes to user-friendly or internal business apps, back-end system integration plays an important role in serving this objective.
  • Regular update and maintenance: Developing tailor-made enterprise app is a continuous task. Enterprise mobile strategy enables companies to update and maintain mobile apps on a regular basis.
  • Great combination: It offers an excellent combination of both security and improved user experience while developing tailored business apps. It takes care of adding security features as well as modifying functions as per changing business and user requirements.
  • Integration with other technologies: It enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of other technological megatrends like Cloud computing, IoT, etc. by integrating mobility with such technologies.

As conclusive remarks, we can mention that a successful enterprise mobile strategy with a holistic approach is capable to offer customized solutions useful for leveraging all the benefits of the mobile platform. If enterprises fail to implement such strategy, they may get sidetracked and doomed to complete failure of mobility concept.

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