Google Releases a “Find My iPhone” Prototype – "Android Device Manager"

By admin Dec 12, 2013, 4:50:30 PM , In Mobile Apps
Google Releases a “Find My iPhone” Prototype – "Android Device Manager"

Google had first launched its device-locating services earlier in August, with a promise that such an application would arrive something later that month. Clearly there was a delay, as the application is set to launch now, in the month of December. Labeled as the “Android Device Manager”, the features of the application let its users control or track phones and tablets from the web.


This device managing app will be available in the Google Play Store, and can do most of the things Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app does. By using this application, you can locate the lost device on a Google Map, call to get the location or add a screen lock or system reset for a worst case scenario.

Having such an application on your smartphone also means that those people, who have multiple Android powered smartphones and tablets, will have quicker access to the security features contained therein. The user must only note that the missing device must be connected to the mobile network or to Wi-Fi, for it to perform the commands.

Just like the web interface, this new app will let not just show the location of the Android device on a map, but will also show you when it was last located and last used. With this release, however, Google now has a solution that can be compared to Apple’s “Find My iPhone” application.

If you lose your smartphone or tablet, there are chances you may not have the time to go home and use your PC to locate it. In such a case, this app can be very useful. Source from Google said, “It is one application we hope you never have to use, but at least now you have the peace of mind if you find yourself in a bind.”

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