Has Apple Lost Its Uniqueness? Not Really

By admin Aug 10, 2015, 12:22:31 PM , In Mobile Apps
Has Apple Lost Its Uniqueness? Not Really


Under the reign of visionary technocrat Steve Jobs, a Cupertino company Apple has set the new parameters of innovation. The outstanding performance was combined with the ultimate design in every Apple product created. After Jobs, Tim Cook has come to continue Apple’s journey toward perfection and success.

The Cupertino Company has brought forth a wrist wearable called Apple Watch under the personal supervision and guidance of Tim Cook last year. It was the first-ever product that is completely developed under the influence of Tim Cook’s ideas. But then, the product seems to be lacking a good all-round performance. There comes the question: Is Apple exhausted after Steve Jobs’ departure? The blog talks about it.

What makes us think that

Recently, a few aspects point out that Apple is running out of innovative and inventive ideas: One aspect is a somewhat lack-luster response to Apple Watch’s first version due to an average functionality. Soon after launching the Watch, Apple faced criticism regarding performance and features. Barring health-related features, the first version of Apple Watch was failed to attract the new customers in abundance. Therefore, Apple came forward with Watch OS 2 in which it offers an open-source platform to the developers for making innovative apps for its wrist wearable.

The other important aspect is Apple’s return toward the existing product line’s improvement rather than coming forward with the newer products. Though the company feels sluggishness in iPad selling, the latest news says that Apple plans to come up with bigger (smaller than Macs) iPads. Also, recently Apple has launched Music in its iPhones and had launched Apple Pay last year to allure customers toward its existing products. But then, newer products just look like the modification of older versions.

Altogether, we feel compelled to say that Apple is running out of ideas.

Why it is not so

If all this stuff makes you feel that Apple is lacking in innovative ideas or running out of the steam than let us see the other side of aspects mentioned above:

Apple Watch itself is the most innovative wearables among its peers. If we go down in company’s history, we find that Apple initially failed in making iPads a successful product, and then it certainly changed the definition of tablets through them. The same can happen with the Watch. Apple has tried to address all the flaws and functionality issues along with bugs smartly in the newer version of Apple Watch. Also, iOS 9 and El Capitan (Mac OS X) are sufficiently innovative from the efficiency perspective.

In the ever-changing technology world, it is not easy to come up with innovative ideas all the time. If we think that tech companies must focus only on innovation, then probably it is our lack of knowledge regarding tech companies’ approach. All the tech companies need to look after the existing products’ features and functionality on a periodic basis as well. And right now, Apple focuses on the same thing.

We can certainly expect that once the tech giant integrates all the existing products to the extraordinary appearance and stunning performance, it will shift the focus toward innovation. After all, innovation is the heart and soul of the Cupertino giant.

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