Here Comes The New iPod Touch with A Bunch of Features and Lots More Fun

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New iPod Touch Overview

On 12th September, 2012, Apple unveiled its range of devices and technologies to the world. Though iPhone 5 and iOS 6 were the ones to hit the spotlight, people cannot avert their eyes from Apple’s revamped portable media player cum personal digital assistant, which was iPod Touch. Apple’s fifth generation of iTouch comes embedded with numerous striking features.

Apple presented the very first generation of iPod Touch at an event, which was called ‘The Beat Goes On’. Call it anything, a portable media player or a PDA, Apple has, indeed, kept the beat on by renewing this Wi-Fi mobile device every year with better features. Let’s have a look at the major ones.

iPod Touch 4" Retina Display

iPod Touch 4″ Retina Display


It’s thinner, it’s lighter, and it’s stylish. This is the lightest and the thinnest one in the line, the height being 4.86 inches, width being 2.31 inches, and the depth being 0.24 inches. It weighs just 3.10 ounces. With a brand new design and lots of cool colors, you’re all set to show off your new Touch to your friends.

4-inch Screen with Retina Display

Now, that’s something to brag about your iPod Touch. This feature has enthralled the Touch users as the screen of their PDA has just become better for watching HD movies and videos and playing those amazing games that come with superb graphics. With this 4-ich retina display, everything just comes alive in your Touch.

Dual-Core A5 Chip

Apple has powered up the Touch with the A5 chip. As compared to its previous generation, this one has got twice the processing power and seven times faster graphics. So, don’t be amazed if you find your Touch incredibly fast and responsive.

iPod Touch iSight CameraiSight Camera

The new iSight camera comes packed with 5 megapixels, which is seven times more than the previous one. This one’s just perfect at taking great shots. To make your experience more memorable, Apple has polished the camera with advanced optics and an LED flash. To add to the zing, the camera even shoots 1080p HD video, and the front camera got a boost for better performance during FaceTime calls.


Now, here comes another intriguing Touch feature of the year. Siri, the prompt voice assistant, now works for the Touch users too. So, you can just ask Siri to wake you up, or let you know about movies and restaurant. She can open applications for you, and she can even remind you to do your tasks. To get any information from Siri, all you have to do is just ask her in a nice way.

Facebook and Twitter Integration

This one keeps you connected with your family and friends. So, the moment you catch on something interesting, post it on your Facebook or Twitter account directly from an application. Let them know about your favorite apps, music and videos right from the applications, so that they can get updated the minute an event occurs.

Apart from these key features, iPod Touch also comes with Bluetooth technology so that the users can enjoy the beats on Bluetooth headsets, and if you have a Bluetooth-enabled sound system in your car, then you can enjoy your favorite tracks right from your iTunes list. It even supports AirPlay so that you can wirelessly stream your favorite photos, music and videos from Touch’s small screen to the big screen of Apple TV.

The additional accessories of iPod Touch include a durable and smarter Lightning connector, the advanced, updated headphones of Apple, which are called EarPods, and the iPod Touch Loop that keeps your Touch safe. Apple has also taken care of the battery life, which enables users to enjoy 40 hours of non-stop music and 8 hours of video playback. So, if you’ve made up your mind to get the latest generation of iPod Touch, then you can choose from these two versions – 32 GB one that is available at $299 and 64 GB available at $399.

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