How Ad Blockers will Save Your Time and Money

By admin Oct 5, 2015, 1:44:30 PM , In Mobile Apps
How Ad Blockers will Save Your Time and Money

Apple has unveiled the latest iOS 9 operating system in September event. Along with many interesting features, the Cupertino Company has started facilitating ad blockers in the latest OS, which has drawn the attention of hundreds of thousands of Apple customers as well as app developers. It is the reason ad blockers topped the iOS paid apps chart soon after the launch of iOS 9. Let us discuss the reasons behind rising demand for such software among iPhone and iPad users:

Better web experience

Apparently, ad blockers enable users to surf the Internet without any distraction caused by annoying ads. Ad blockers not only increase the browsing speed but also conserve data. In brief, Appleā€™s customers get better web experience with ad blockers on both iPhones and iPads. Ad-blocking apps also help users increase the battery life of iPhones.


The New York Times (NYT) has performed two separate tests for data size and battery life using three ad blockers including Purify. The first test on a 4G mobile network showed that web page data size has been decreased significantly, and on the other hand, load times was accelerated while using ad-blocking apps. For example, a web page having 19.4MB data with ads had reduced data size to just 4MB with an ad blocker app. The same web page took only 7 seconds to load without ads, which is quite less duration than the same with ads. While the second test revealed that while surfing the web, ad-blocking apps significantly improve the battery life of iPhones.

Saving in time and money

In the edge of high-speed 3G and 4G, data is getting expensive. As per the test conducted by the NYT, ad blockers certainly help reduce data size while using the web. It directly translates into notable savings in data costs. Also, web surfing becomes speedier because of a smaller data size that saves time.


The tech giant Apple has given the most interesting and perhaps the most useful facility to its users in terms of ad-blocking. The facility is said to have a negative impact for some of the websites heavily dependent on commercials. But then, it gives one stronger reason to become an iPhone or iPad customer.

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