How Apple Music is Different?

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How Apple Music is Different?

Apple launched its music streaming service Apple Music on 30th June 2016, as pronounced in the WWDC 2015 event. Interesting features like a live radio station, access to the iTunes library and Connect are
part and parcel of this exciting service.

Apple takes on Spotify and Pandora

Both Spotify and Pandora do not require any introduction. They have marked their presence in the music domain. With Apple Music service, the tech giant Apple is going to take on them in a big way. It is interesting to see whether Music becomes stand-alone streaming service or just become another name on a long list of streaming services.

What makes Apple Music special?

The day, on which Apple acquired Beats, it was clear that Apple will come forward with the new avatar of Beats. Apple Music is an outcome of Beats acquisition and has all that stuff to engage and entertain users. In the words of Drake, the Canadian rapper: It has been perfected and simplified by the great people at Apple.

How Apple Music is Different?

How Apple Music is Different?

Here the question arises: Which innovative and interactive features can enable Apple Music to excel among several top-notch music streaming services. As an answer to this question, let us make a list of its features:

Siri integration: Siri will start playing the song of your choice when you ‘tell’ Siri to do so. Integration of Siri with Music makes it more inventive and interactive service.

Connect: It is an innovative social networking feature for both musicians and music lovers. Here, artists can post just anything ranging from a recording process to the latest tracks and communicate with their fans.

For You: It facilitates users to select artists and tracks of their choice. It is a function that makes Music more customized and interesting.

Beats One: It is a 24/7 radio station operates from LA, NY, and London for offering an awesome experience of listening to tracks that are hailed by the community of music lovers. Popular radio figure Zane Lowe is one of the announcers of Beats One’s team.

iTunes access: Users can select from hundreds and thousands of tracks in iTunes library. A whole new world of music awaits users in iTunes library. Music has a MiniPlayer to access and enjoy it.

In brief, on one hand, Music facilitates access to the millions of audio and video songs, and, on the other hand, it enables users to select tracks as per their choice.

That’s it. Apple’s music streaming service is available at the introductory rate of $10 per month for individual users and $15 per month for a family account. Users can enjoy innumerable melodious tunes by subscribing it.

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